Since very long, Gravitation is given as the phenomenon of physical pull which causes the reciprocal attraction of massive bodies to each other under the effect of their mass.
But this effect of the masses has never been explained.
One does not know why one mass would attract another and it seems that no one has ever tried to understand its meanings.

Conversely, if this attraction existed among all the masses, it should manifest itself in all the materials between the compounds, between these compounds themselves and the objects, solidarizing all the masses.
Everything shows that this attraction if it existed would prevent the creation of the Universe.

But we know that there is a gravity on and in the Earth and all the objects of space that we know.

Newton observed the gravity on Earth. He does not understand it, but extrapolates it without reason to the whole Universe. At the same time, in a letter to a friend, he explains that this can not exist.
Einstein, two centuries later, in a so-called theory of relativity, would explain this gravitation that would bend a space-time that nobody has ever observed. Like Newton, Einstein never accepted the idea of the attraction of the masses.
A century after Einstein, we are still looking for particles that would carry elements that would make this attraction that nobody known how. Nothing allows to believe that it exists, not even excessively precise interferometers that do not know what to look for and where …

A gravity exists but it is NOT due to the mass. Quite the reverse!

According to Électronisme, free electrons or already participating in compounds bind to modify these compounds or to create others.
We know that, by binding, the electrons can not develop completely during the phase of expansion of their vibrations: the volume of the bound electrons is therefore lower than that of the free elements.
As the mass of particles can not diminish, the compound, new or modified, has a density greater than the space around it.

This is where gravity is created

All around the compound which has just been formed or increased, the mean density of the elements which form the medium is lower than in the compound.

The vibrations of the Ether electrons, which form this medium, normally create a general equilibrium, with displacements of the elements.
It is exactly the same principle as the general reduction of entropy or the laws of thermodynamics: it is the lightest or least dense space in free elements that moves to the more « heavy » space.
The electrons of the compound being generally less mobile, it is the free electrons and small compounds which move towards and in the main compound, creating an appearance of attraction whereas it does not exist.
The consequences of this phenomenon explain all that we know of gravity and other actions such as the steadily accelerating increase of thermal agitation in all materials and objects of space.

The electron bonds always carry three phenomena with actions in all the space at all the levels of creation of the objects and materials:

– Gravity, explained above;
– Increase in thermic agitation;
– The perturbation of the electrons of the Ether of space.

We shall soon study these last two phenomena.

© Philippe Dardel – 17,11,2016



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