(833 words) Phantom-Signs – Summary – Attempt to explain

As a reply of recent scientific paper : « This Is Why It’s So Hard to Maintain Eye Contact While Having a Conversation  »

It was in July 2014 that I saw them for the first time.
I was lying on a hospital bed for a simple exam. I had no physical activity and looked at the clear wall at 4 meters from me. And I saw great drawings, then, at other times, lines of writing. There were everywhere I looked. I then found them at home and elsewhere …
I called them Phantom-Signs and I always find them, although sometimes it is not very easy.

One must carefully look at a free place of solid color, paper, smooth wall, various objects. After a few seconds, there appear lines of text or drawings of very fine, irregular and moving shapes, somewhat darker or lighter than the area viewed. Everything is sometimes barely visible or sensitive, but exist constantly.
The letters move constantly as if the words were changing, which prevents them from reading the texts.
Looked through a magnifying glass, letters or drawings are not altered, but the magnifying glass does not enlarge them, while it does so for the objects around, as if these lines of writing and signs were insensitive to the magnifying glass, or were between the magnifying glass and the eyes and always readable.

The lines of words or images appear on all surfaces of solid color around me. When I lean my head to one side or the other, the lines of writing follow the line of my eyes and give the impression of being projected from my eyes …
Elsewhere, we can also distinguish them.
I see them everywhere and even in the spot of my AMD, on my left eye. It is not therefore the eyes that see these images.

Am I alone to see them?
No ! Everyone can see them. But nobody notices them, probably because we know, or we think they know, that they could be related to the functioning of the eyes or other phenomenon, in organs and organisms …

In October 2014, I took pictures of them. The Phantom-Signs of writing lines are visible, distinctly, even if they are difficult to distinguish from a background of naked wall or leaves of garden shrubs.
More observations were noted in a more complete account. It is available on request by email: , in French, or in English;
Explanation trials
These surprising observations call into question many physical phenomena of the Universe and the functioning of living beings, such as light, sight, contacts and senses or sensations, the functioning of the nervous system … probably confirming some of my propositions that must be re-examined.

Let us take again the phenomena which could be related to these phantom signs.
Objects « living beings » are created and constituted exactly like all other objects of matter in space, with an outer envelope or « boundary » created by the gravity of the object or its parts.
These objects are in the ether of space.
They are in continual modification or creation of their small proteins with perturbations of the electrons of space, transmitting more or less in the internal space, – and probably external in some cases, for plants for example and see below – , Information about these changes. See the study of the nervous impulse in Chapter VI.

In recent years, research has shown that the sense of touch is the only one to act within the organisms of living beings. Attributes such as the eyes, nose or tongue are accessories of this sense.

The Phantom-Signs, lines of text or drawings, appear as a visualization of internal disturbances and the letters and words could correspond to thoughts that constantly vary, up to an unconscious decision that alters a memory site or effector. The recordings seem not to be realized immediately, as if waiting for the end of reflection.

These remarks seem unrealistic as the belief that we see these perturbations in the Phantom-Signs …
How and why do we see these Phantom-Signs?

This would confirm the transfer of all information, even those being created, to the perturbations of the ether in the internal space of organs and organisms.

The Phantom-Signs could correspond to the « reading » of the moving information carried by the small proteins created in the internal space of the organs and around, at their outer limit, to determine this limit, variable with the quality of the materials.
In the same way that all bodies and objects are created – at the same time as the internal gravity – as explained in Chapter III.
The variations of the small proteins in the organs and organisms would form around them a weak gravitational cloud, such as the atmosphere around the objects.

The Fantom-Signs do not vary immediately according to the activities … This could be a beginning of explanation of the functioning of a quasi-nervous system of plants and all other living beings.

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© Philippe Dardel – 28,11,2016



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