Emergent Gravity

(562 words) Emergent, entropic, quantic, relativist or simply electronist gravity…

In recent years, Erik Verlinde, a Dutch physicist, describes gravity as an entropic force. This is how we define it with Électronisme.

The arguments, elements, phenomena used in Électronisme have for many years been discovered by many scientists. Then, sometimes left aside because they did not seem to fit the reasonings of the time, then resumed or abandoned longer.
We used some, sometimes without knowing them well. For Électronisme, the base was always the electron, almost as all physicists know it, and we learned everything at the same time, avoiding what we did not understand.

Evolution of ideas has recently shown us that Électronisme could be the material representation of the whole of Quantum Mechanics, that it explained it completely in spite of the mathematical developments and explanations of a quantum of energy whose material form was never specified.
In Électronisme, there is no energy in the form of a free element.
But the electron is a quantum of vibrating mass whose vibrations are the sole « motor » of all actions, throughout the Universe.

We were already putting one foot out of the primordial zone of the quanta.

The whole history of Quantum Physics can be recounted by replacing the quanta of energy with those of mass of the vibrating electrons.
It is thus that all the phenomena that mark out its history are explained: the Faraday cathode ray tube, the enigma of the black body, electroluminescence and the ultraviolet catastrophe, the particle wave duality and the Aspect tangle. We shall soon explain all these real phenomena.

Électronisme has given reality to this « quantum » phase of matter, explaining a gravity that begins with the first electron compounds and that could be quantic gravity.
But Électronisme does not end there.

The theory explains the continuation of the life of the Universe whose physics would be governed by Einstein’s relativity. Électronisme brings about the creation of compounds, substances and objects of space, with their evolution and their « quantic gravity » that does not stop with the quantic or primordial part of the creation of matter.

This quantic gravity can be called « emergent », as this word is otherwise defined by physicists. This is a consequence of the normal « functioning » of electrons and matter.
It could also be qualified as entropic, participating in a normal balancing of the masses, which can change more or less rapidly the « defects » in the natural evolution of matter. It is a phenomenon that appears in many events, especially in what we call « magnetism » currently on Earth and in all objects of space and space itself.

Thus Électronisme naturally links Quantum Mechanics to what is called the Physics of Relativity, without taking anything away from theories, with reservations on a few phenomena that electronics regulates differently. This could concern the « Einstein’s field equations and curved space-time and all that ».
This « emergent gravity » regulates the very old problem of the gravitational mass attraction. It is an important problem not by its action which has never been proved, but by the importance given to it in all reasonings and theories.
Gravity in all objects comes naturally from underlying natural phenomena, from the primordial level and would be an entropic gravity, especially in large objects and probably large structures of galaxies in the cosmic web, the new name for ether of space.

Could that be the discovery of the Theory of Everything, long sought for by all Physicists?

© PhDardel – 1,12,2016


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