Towards Theory Of Everything,

Between the Einstein’ Relativity and the Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics is a physics of the Universe at the primordial level of the creation of matters. It was created by the physicists of the early 20th century and was, above all, developed by mathematicians. It relates the photoelectric effect and the Faraday vacuum tube of the 19th century. Then it studies the black-body radiation, luminescence, ultraviolet. Everything was explained by the electrons, replaced by the photons from 1926.
We knew from Newton that light was sensitive to us like so-called electromagnetic waves, but we did not know how it works.
Einstein, in the early 20th century, attaches light to electrons and waves without really explaining it. Then around 1920 with the Copenhagen school and mathematics, were created particles for the equations, then transforming them into real elements some of which appeared to have been observed. One made it a beginning of theory that could become a physics. It is still in the making.

Besides, almost outside the physics of matter of the Earth, which is a planet in space, there are astrophysicists and cosmologists who try to understand space and its objects almost as they are, without really try to know where they come from or how they are created, in a space limited in time by a Big Bang.
The rules of this physics were attached to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which hardly explains a gravitation to which he did not believe. Like Newton. But physicists, after the theories of these great scholars, have given much importance to this gravitation, without ever trying to understand it.

Very diverse studies have continued and currently in 2016, physicists propose to replace it with an « emergent » or entropic gravity, which would have its origin in the matter itself, which is very reasonable. The usual mathematical calculations, often without reason, are difficult.

Physicists know, almost unconsciously, that a connection is necessary between these too well delineated physics, quantum physics and that of relativity. It was necessary to explain by the same rules the phenomena of the creation of matter and « life » in the space of objects made of this matter.

In Électronisme, by hypothesis, the only component of all matter is the electron, a quantum of vibrating mass, the only action of which being vibration.
The consequences of the vibrations of free electrons in the ether of space, which they form, are the displacements of the electrons which encounter others, which leads randomly to the modification of their displacements or their links.
The bonds of electrons create many phenomena, the most important of which have been described by physicists for a long time, then taken up and explained by Quantum mechanics.

There are mainly the irreversibility of the electron bonds and the reduction of the volume of the compounds, which mainly results:
– The formation of gravity in all compounds, even at the quantic level;
– The creation of gravitational clouds which form the atmospheres of objects at all levels;£- The increase in thermal agitation;
– The perturbations of the arrangement of electrons in the ether of space, with important consequences in the materials and objects of space, at all levels of development of objects.

There is therefore implication of theory, without any distinction, in all primordial and cosmological quantum phenomena with stars, their galaxies and other large structures.

For the whole Universe, it is one and the same theory that needs to be taken up, completed, improved…

This is how Électronisme could be the theory of Everything.

© PhDardel, December 2, 2016


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