While entangling Universe with emergent gravity, …

… Erik Verlinde should not leave apart the quantic areas, covering the whole of the Universe in its complete cosmic web where are built, with paramount elements, so many galaxies with their stars, supercamas and structures.

Commenting http://backreaction.blogspot.fr/2016/12/can-dark-energy-and-dark-matter-emerge.html?spref=twwith Électronisme, we take into account that this theory is likely the Theory Of Everything, mainly because it explains electrons links creating first compounds and objects which are small space objects like stars, then others types, in their clusters.

We can think that first links happen at primordial or we could say Quantic level, then objects with their atmosphere and galaxies grow at a different one classified in the physics said of Relativity, without any problem to shift from one to the other.

Every event or object in Universe starts with a link.
Link of electrons, because they are the only primordial particle, as it is known by physicists.
Every link, everywhere and at any time, always imply deformation of electron as already observed by some physicists. That leads to:
— Electrons space disturbances, everywhere in space, even in separate small areas, copying the events which create them, as general or very precise Information, in short or very long distances;
— Gravity due to equilibrium of density, or we can say entropy, in any new compound, being a true emergent phenomena;
— Inescapable increase in thermic agitation, leading to pressure inside compounds;
— Atmosphere with winds around them, and ability to create new compounds.

All that is easy to understand, but difficult to explain and observe, due to general action of chance.

As written by S.H. in her comments, long distance and human use of light and sight could explain dark matters and black holes.
I think that General Relativity has nothing to do with gravity, at least at primordial level, that is never included in all thoughts, observations and different theories trying to explain Universe as it is currently widely observed.

Does our Theory Of Everything help finding features of a general gravity?

Read more in previous articles about Gravity and pages of the essay.

© Philippe Dardel, December 3, 2016



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