Quantum Mechanics could be

Quantum Mechanics could be the lacking link between actual classical physics and Électronisme, as « adapted » from research by Johns Hopkins University in http://flip.it/aoYsa0

They observed with naked eye materials with quantum properties, usually appearing only at microscopic level.

In their studies the « inventors » of Quantum Mechanics did not fix the limits of application of their theory, and as could said by Richard Feynmann « there is plenty room down-there at botton level. »
That means that could be the right place for Électronisme of which theorical rules applied at primordial attometric level with electrons, but also explains the follow up, with creating of matters and first compounds and space objects.

Quantum Mechanics could explain the part at atom level which could be special due to the forming atoms around nuclei.

The main features of Quantum Mechanics, ie quantification and wave particle duality, are explained by Électronisme.
As found now, the searchers did observed the links between Électronisme and actual physics, explaining our observations on Earth and all stars, galaxies, their clusters and other structures, that can be understood only by their creating and evolution.

The findings of these experiments indicate that the quasi-free moves of electron of the disturbances cannot « penetrate » atoms and matters. That explains some features of the « spaces waves » as they are created by electrons in Électronisme, widely applied for human radio, light and widely everywhere in matters and space objects.

In other experiments, some scientists show that grapheme is a good insulation material only when in 2D form. But 2D material does not exist due to the thickness of any particle or atom. That means that grapheme cannot be used as insulator or anything else.

Some time ago, with Électronisme, we found that, theorically, electric current might be alike all other space « waves » made of electrons of disturbances in the cosmic web. We did not yet publish because we don’t yet fully understand. We will resume this study.

Light is always out of the matter… And electricians said, in French « l’électricité circule dans la peau des conducteurs » (!)

© PhDardel, Décember 5th, 2016



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