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Électronisme is based on the many current scientific researches and explains the so-called quantum phenomena. This allows a direct link between the creation of materials by the electrons and the behavior of all the objects of space that would be governed by the theory of relativity, without taking care of their forming.

No one really knows « Current Physics« . Physicists use elements according to their knowledge or needs, regardless of whether many phenomena or particles have never been fully explained: gravitation, light, photons and even the Higgs boson confirmed by journalists, never done by CERN.

The (so-called) Physics of Relativity gives no rule which would direct the researches in physics of space.

Quantum Physics has set standards and created separate « Standards Models » for particles and cosmology, expecting physics that are not found, to explain electrons, atoms and stars in space.

Electronisme, very simple at its beginning, gradually became difficult to explain in all its details. It is always surprising that Électronisme easily explains the phenomena and results of present or former physical experiments, without any modification of the basic rules of theory, except an often unexpected extension of certain actions.

Electrons can sometimes bind, resulting in several consequences, which are also always linked.
During these connections, the spherical vibrating electrons can not always develop completely: the volume of the compounds is thus lower than that of the separated electrons. There could be an unacceptable vacuum in space. The electrons are naturally moved to prevent it. We explain this phenomenon in Chapters III and IV of the essay.

The direct consequences are as follows:

– Disturbances in the arrangement of ether electrons (cosmic web)
– Inevitable increase of the thermic agitation, which explains the evolution of the objects of the space
– Internal gravity in all objects, even at the primordial level (quantum gravity); It replaces the gravitational attraction and would be observed or explained at present by emergent or entropic gravity
— Creation of gravitational clouds and other materials and objects.

The Quantum Mechanics

Its main characteristics are probability laws, quanta, quantum entanglement and particle wave duality.
Laws of probability: the experiments of the Young’s splits are explained by the vibrations of the electrons and therefore those of all the particles that are always composed of them.
The Quanta: Quantum Mechanics manipulates quanta only for energy, but the existence of energy, independent or not, has never been proved either for its existence or for its actions. Électronisme is based solely on the all-like electrons which can therefore be considered as mass quanta.
Quantum Intrication: It could be explained by the particle wave duality. Current developments in EPR, Bell’s Inequalities, Aspect experiments are difficult to follow because they involve non-existent elements (photons) at very different levels of atoms and electrons.

The Duality Wave Particle

This quantum phenomenon has been pointed out since the beginning of the 20th century by many physicists, in particular Einstein, Planck and de Broglie. It is a misinterpretation of the creation of perturbations that are practically electrons-particles moving and our vision which sees them only as waves.

Physicists studied:

– the light, as they could perceive it, that is to say in the form of waves by « their vision » (see Chapter IV),

– The actions of the electrons of the perturbations which showed the totality of the frequencies of the « ordered » electrons, carrying information concerning the connections of the electrons at the origin of the perturbations (see Chapter VI).

Photons are therefore not useful. The dual wave particle does not exist.
Disturbances of space.

This phenomenon is very important in the functioning of the whole Universe, all the objects of space, including our Earth.

It exists in space, considered as a whole, and in all « individual » spaces that would be limited by even virtual envelopes. This could be the case, with permanent creation of perturbations, for the creation of atoms and molecules, crystals of similar molecules, or massive masses of matter, life of living beings, electricity, etc.

Chance intervenes in the creation of the perturbations themselves at the primordial level of the electrons: the perturbations of the electrons may not represent exactly the changes in the volume of the first compounds.

Permanent creations of perturbations followed by ordinary displacements of electrons can also lead to very complicated phenomena of creation of matter and objects, by « over-creation » of perturbations, resulting in materials still unknown at our possible levels of  » observation.

This would be the case for the experiments of Martin Mourigal, an experimental physicist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and his team, working on extremely complicated materials such as those based on YbMgGaO4. Could these studies help understand electricity?
False intrusion and measurement: To retrieve information from an object or a single particle, a tester must perform a « gesture » on the object. This gesture creates a new perturbation with new information similar to that of the previous disturbance. This could explain an apparent action of the measure on an element, linked to that observed.

Physics of Relativity

There is no practical explanation for the participation of Einstein’s theory of relativity in the formation of matter and objects of space.

We are told a relativity between referentials of space. This relativity is natural and its study without interest since space can not form referentials with their own environment that would be different from that of space without reference, if not human, dimensions of space and time.

This is probably the reason why one talks of the theory of relativity only for its involvement in the study of gravitational mass attraction to which Einstein, like Newton, did not believe.

Newton and Einstein were right, and the use of gravitational attraction is the work of all scientists who need even sometime false bases to advance in their studies. This is why, near us, physicists accept the Higgs boson, never confirmed by CERN.

It is necessary to find, as far as possible, realistic answers to the practical studies of the Universe.

Électronisme can become the Theory of the Whole.

© Philippe Dardel, December 2016



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