Topological Insulators could help

… to understand the operating of electricity at primordial level.
It is not known what are current and electrical systems on Earth, while engines and generators have been used for 150 years.

In the Universe, all events, creations or transformations of matter and objects are realized by links of electrons, free or already participating in compounds and materials.

Electricity is this possibility of action.

Every action creates, at the same time, perturbations of the dispositions of the Ether electrons in totality of space considered as a single whole, or in spaces limited to objects of all dimensions, such as atoms or the atmosphere of a galaxy.

First part. Electrical current and systems

Electric current

It is a phenomenon, used by living beings, to create work at a specific place. It does not exist in stars and other objects of space.

This work is always a bond of electrons, components of precise objects connected to the electrical system. The electric current is therefore the transfer of electrons which are the only able to carry out the requested work.

The operation is difficult to explain, because it involves actions that one imagines poorly in electricity, despite their simplicity.

The transfer is carried out by the electrons of the perturbations of the internal space of the electrical system in the following way:

– When a user tool (bulb, engine, transformer, resistance,) is connected to the system, it is put in contact to electrons or small free compounds existing in the system, in order to produce one or more electron bonds making the beginning of Work required, sometimes using an « incentive » (starter)

  • These connections, as elsewhere, create perturbations of the electrons in the internal space of the electrical system. They « copy » the work that was executed by the user

– These electrons of the perturbations move naturally in any direction in the internal space of the system until linked with electrons of the supplier, only electrons available in the system (and creation of a compound that is evacuated into the atmosphere)

– Other disturbances are created in the system to give « charges » corresponding to the links and objects that have been created. That is to say those of the user

– The electrons of the new disturbances go to the user for new connections and the phenomenon begins again.

Everything is realized at the speed of the vibrations of the electrons, that is that of light.

The bonds of the electrons are not always immediate because of the hysteresis which is strong enough to be easily noticed in all electrical phenomena.

This operating explains various known phenomena for a very long time:

– It is the user tool that triggers the action; the use precedes the provision of the charges,

– The load of the power supplier is never scattered in the electrical system; It remains in the battery or rotor of the motor

– In the circuit or electrical system, only the electrons move from the perturbations of the internal space; We can consider them as the electric current.

Electrical Systems

These are areas in which « electrical current» is created, and moves between several tools, user or « supplier »of electrons.

They are therefore practically composed solely of supplier and user tools (and tools for preparing currents according to uses or productions), the assembly being linked by conducting cables which are areas of current electrons displacement.

The whole system is electrically insulated from the external space.

One of the main problems is that of the conductor with his insulation.

With our study, we know that the driver moves only electrons from the perturbations of the internal space of the system composed of cosmic web electrons. It must not encounter other electrons free or bound to others in small compounds.

This cable must be well insulated from the outside to avoid that compounds moved by the objects, of the gravity and atmospheres, penetrate the systems (apparent « magnetic field »).

A cable of this kind is very difficult to find. One hope had come with graphene based semiconductors, and other special molecules creating insulating or conductive objects depending on the uses. But the results were still disappointing.

All electric technicians know that « current flows through the skin of conductors ». It was necessary to find a bearer taking into account this element difficult to understand and realize. And at the same time, isolate it from the outside.

Four years ago, researchers and technicians invented topological insulation with an insulating mass, but it carries a conductive part of electricity thanks to metallic elements.

Nobel Physics 2016 was awarded to three Britons, David J. Thouless, F. Duncan Haldane and J. Michael Kosterlitz, for their research and the theoretical discovery of the topological phase transitions in matter.

In December 2016, physicists from the University of Würzburg (Germany) made an astonishing discovery: in a special topological insulator model, a crystalline structure could create a solid continuity of conductive elements backing or protected by a continuous insulating material. Further research is needed, but it could be the hope of creating new insulating conductors for all uses of electricity, including superconductivity and telecommunications.

We will soon resume this study of electricity for all activities and related phenomena whose developments may depend on the discovery of the new topological conductors and insulators.

© Philippe Dardel, December 19, 2016



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