« What if Democritus was mistaken…

…, 2,500 years ago? »

It would be excused! So many discoveries have been made since that time!

But we continue to say that atoms are the building blocks of the Universe.

That is not true.

The Universe is the space in which stars are created, evolve and die, and are replaced by others. These stars at different stages of their existence, between birth and death, are visible to us, that is to say that they exist for us only in the form of plasma with high thermic agitation. They are surrounded by atmospheres and form galaxies, nebulae and clouds of dark matter created with the remains of dead stars, in the form of cold plasma or unconstituted matter.

No atom.

The solid matter, made of atoms, like that of our planet, and other small objects, exists only in very small quantities in the whole universe. We know it only in the telluric planets, meteorites, pebbles, in our galaxy.

In this matter, protons, sometimes merged into larger objects, are by-products of the evolution of stars. They were manufactured by chance when the thermic agitation increased and small elements bound and created larger compounds with increased internal pressure until it was too strong and caused the death of these stars. These compounds then exist in nebulae and other clouds of dark matter. They are reused for different purposes.

For several centuries, scientists have sought to establish a physics based on the atoms we know on earth. They try to apply it to the stars and other objects we see while they are composed only of plasma, cold in the nebulae and hot or very hot in the stars.

There are many things to understand. They are hard to know because difficult to see. So we complete with philosophy and mathematical or computer fictions.

The physics of our Earth is taken care of by technician researchers who are interested in our material life, in physics, biology and all related sciences without much attention to the form of atoms or the real material functioning of events, because they are not known.

Here we find the atom of Democritus, which seems to be on our scale, which we could almost see and understand, with systems that we guess very complicated, that we know no more than those of the stars in space. We can not see them better. The stars are too large and the atoms too small for us to see and understand them easily.

Then, theories were concerned with stars and atoms, separately, considered as different phenomena. Astrophysicists rarely make the connection between the creation of stars and observations on Earth that could explain their creation and evolution.

In the first half of the 20th century, the atom of Democritus became Bohr’s. Very precise models were established by mathematical studies which replaced the actual difficult observations. We manipulated ideal particles, which could not have reality, in a universe without program, without consciousness, with simple rules that would apply without control.

Scientists used laws established by Newton two centuries earlier without verifying their validity, movements and areas of application. Newton was interested in the objects of space and their respective movements, establishing rules which explained others. But to what could correspond in the space of stars and planets and in the reality of matter on our earth, actions or phenomena called « momentum » or « inertia ».

It is mathematics that have described the form of atoms without going further into the realizations of matter. We are still there, except with a few modern physicists who are discovering completely different realities, which enable us to begin to understand.

All scientists know that the electron is about 10-18 meters radius, or one millionth of a billionth of a millimetre, and can not be manipulated by anyone else to be placed on « orbitals » or moved from a « hole » to another, in a matter « full »of emptiness, to explain electricity.

Since we did not know how the particles created matter, we invented forces or energies without giving them material support or precise form that would allow them to manipulate them with the particles. We even created a vacuum energy and a black energy. Without ever fully understanding and explaining the reality of their existence and their actions.

With Électronisme, we study the problems differently, considering the electron as the only elementary particle with a single simple action that makes it possible to realize all events directly, with logic and reasoning based on facts observed by physicists for a long time.

Electrons alone are important.

Their actions are simple. But they have variable consequences because all phenomena are random even if similar actions always give similar results. The conditions are never quite the same.

In the current state of technology and knowledge, we can not do mathematical or computer simulations. Then we must study everything gradually, always bringing everything back to the electron.

It’s a huge job.

This is why, in Électronisme, we consider that 2,017 could be the Year of the Electron.

We will try during this year to gather all the research results concerning the electron.

© Philippe Dardel – January 1, 2017



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