This page completes what we quickly explain in Chapter VII of our essay.

Antimatter was born in 1928, from an equation of Paul Dirac, as much mathematician as physicist. He thought that the Universe was subject to mathematical rules. Even if others believe in it, no one has ever found a mathematical meaning to the Universe and all the objects it contains, including the Earth and ourselves. It’s hard to imagine what that could be.

It is in the 18th century that the manifestations of electricity in certain materials are studied and, subsequently, were determined the electrical charges, the chosen negative sense of the electron and the manifestations which are deduced and influence all the research in Physics since the early twentieth century, including the creation of atoms and the whole of quantum mechanics.

They also created a physics, based on a « standard model of particles », so complicated that one never tried to make him explaining the creation of matter. This theory would be abandoned …

Let’s go back to antimatter.

This would be another state of matter, existing at the beginning of the big bang universe.

How do we know that? No observation can be made of it either at the time of the Big Bang or at the present, since by definition there is no antimatter in the Universe that we know, and which is, for us who live there, the only existing Universe.

Antimatter would be the concretization of a mathematical hypothesis which has no justification in observation of real physics.

In our Universe, there are very varied matters. Why one of them would be incompatible with others and would make them disappear according to rules which can not exist in a Universe in which we know neither consciousness nor established program.

« Materials », that is, the components of all objects with which we live or which we observe in space, have no « mathematical » sense of functioning at any level of the electrons or stars. If they had one, characteristic of their existence, their creations and behaviors would be very complicated or would require the controlled or directed application of rules, which is impossible in a Universe without consciousness. The electrons could never bind together since they would repel themselves and we would never know the sens of compounds and objects.

It is surprising that particle’ physicists of colliders explain that they use positrons, even « isolated » in a « magnetic » environment that is necessarily created in « normal » matter.

Other physicists say they have found antimatter.

The explanations are difficult. To form it, it would be necessary that « more » elements, more primordial, exist or are created without meeting components of the « normal » matter. Is it possible ?

But antimatter is observable, say scientists, and biologists make it for use in medicine. We think they create compounds almost similar to what their antis would be. Combined with other elements, they form bodies whose characteristics suit them. It is a natural phenomenon and comprehensible in the constitution of any matter, and in particular that of living beings in which are permanently created proteins excessively varied, not very different from each other.

In electronics, our position on antimatter is linked to the whole theory which provides in particular that there does not exist energy in the Universe, free or linked to elementary particles or small compounds, alike the strings and ribbons of other theories.

Our « energy » on Earth is a particular use of phenomena completely explained by Électronisme.

A re-examination by physicists of their position with respect to antimatter could lead to an evolution or rather a REVOLUTION of the whole of current physics, which will certainly help explain many phenomena on Earth and in space.

© – Philippe Dardel – January 23, 2017



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