Errors and great physicists, Galilee, Newton, Einstein and others…

It is difficult to not mix observations on Earth and Space to understand all phenomena and to establish valid results for the entire Universe, including the Earth. Even the great physicists have been trapped by anthropomorphism.

Mathematics is an exact science, useful to describe known phenomena, whose functioning is difficult to understand and, under certain conditions, to make predictions.

Can be used in cosmology, which remains an unscientific speculation.

In physics of real phenomena such as they are observed, mathematics is difficult to use because of the temptations which involve falsely materializing mathematical tools. Some examples are the Einstein RT, the atom, and the MQ

The study of the phenomena of relativity seems to begin with Galilee.

Its research is continued by Newton, and then completed by Einstein.

To explain different references, Galilee tells a boat on calm sea moving at constant speed, without sailors knowing if there is movement or not. Einstein will use elevators.

They both made mistakes due to anthropomorphism.

On Earth, we differentiate between referential for well-determined phenomena by specific qualities or events, with the characteristics that differentiate them. Only those. One does not take into account the general environment that does not change, gravity, light and space surrounding the whole.

For the objects of space which the researchers wanted to study separately the behaviour, they separated some particular qualities, then they generalized their observations. They did not take into account some unchangeable characteristics, their environment, the same everywhere, which is space, dimensionless, except the human ones we sometimes use.

All mathematical studies concerning relativity, even those of Einstein are therefore of no interest.

Besides, astrophysicists never think that they might need it. They do not deal with it and never mention it.
The gravitational pull and gravity of space objects.

Gravity on Earth has been studied or mentioned since antiquity and Newton was the first to establish a theory that he generalized to the Universe without believing it. We must read history written by historians, not physicists.

Thirty years later, physicists finally adopted this theory and two centuries later, Einstein, who did not believe it either, incorporated it into his theory of relativity by a deformation of space-time, never observed by astronomers.

Currently, at the beginning of the 21st century, physicists study it differently. Their ideas are hardly accepted, probably because of theories, which for certain physicists prevent all reflections, especially the relativity of Einstein.

In objects of space, gravity is created naturally, as the creation and enlargement of these objects, including our Earth.
Quantum mechanics is a creation of mathematical studies.

Gradually physicists explain and incorporate elements into a more classical physics.

In electronics, we eliminate it completely as we explain in our article of December 5, 2016:
The Standard Model of Cosmology and Particles is also a continuation of mathematical studies, although it seems that particles would have been observed. For nearly a century of study, this theory has not succeeded in proposing a complete theory of the creation and functioning of the objects of the Universe, and it is a question of abandoning it.
Energy in Space

It is a problem that does not depend on any precise theory, not even mathematical. It is almost as implied in all theories, of which it seems to be a part.

One speaks or mentions the energy of different forces, responsible for action without ever mentioning the form of this energy and its actions.

With the responsible electron actor of all actions, energy is never needed.

All these details can make the Universe much more and easier to study. Physicists would not accept it, they say.

But there will always be a lot to understand by physicists who will have to privilege reflections to mathematical digressions and philosophical developments.

© Philippe Dardel – February 9, 2017


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