Einstein and Theories of Relativity

Einstein worked 12 years to establish his Theory of General Relativity. (RT), after 5 years for the Restrained Theory.

12 years in front of a blackboard, writing white formulas and mathematical calculations.

To replace the law of gravitational attraction of the masses of Newton to which he did not believe. Neither did Newton believe in it. And after establishing his theory of relativity, Einstein also did not believe in the existence of a universal force that would hold together all the objects of the universe, small or great, existing or to come.

With, for only elements, 3 constants called universal constants:

  • The gravitational constant, « G », whose value is based on the measurement of the gravity of the Earth, at an indefinite place that would be important to know because the number varies with places and time since this « constant » is often revalidated; So it is not a constant.
  • The speed of light, considered as fixed and unassailable, by the elements of the Universe. It was one of the physical laws of that time. Since then, all physicists know that this is not true, as the experiments with particle colliders have shown. This should have put in doubt the Einstein RT.
  • The Planck constant, which is a very precise figure (6,626,070,040 × 10-34 J⋅s) of somebody knows what.
  • And the cosmological constant, which after 12 years of mathematical calculations decides whether the Universe is static or expanding. Einstein had made a mistake, but we can not blame him because we did not know. We do not know any more now, and cosmologists sometimes use the cosmological constant to replace certain physical values.

So what is the value of this constant? : She does not have any.

According to Wikipedia (French text): « The cosmological constant corresponds to the average density of vacuum energy on cosmological scales. The order of magnitude of this constant is totally unknown « . And: « The cosmological constant is the mathematical term noted Λ … which appears in Einstein’s equation … » (we take only a very small part of the text, which certainly makes it false).

Caution: put this value on the right side of the equation, because its action changes with its location.

The TR makes appear a space-time whose curves are supposed to replace the force of gravitational attraction of the masses, known as of Newton.

No observer or « user » of space never takes it into account.

The equivalence formula E = Mc2 would have emerged from the theory of Relativity. It has never had any value because no one knows what energy is in space.

Never has a scientist indicated how space and matter and space objects exist, forces or energies such as those used to establish the basis of the theory of the Standard Model of Cosmology and Particles.

The TR had no influence on Friedmann and Lemaitre’s primitive atom theories, which culminated in the Big Bang.

© – Philippe Dardel – 18,02,2017


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