Gravity is not attractive

Gravity exists everywhere in the Universe.

It was observed as a consequence of the balancing of the entropy which is the observed phenomenon. We will call this phenomenon « entropization ».

Gravity is therefore a natural phenomenon and exists permanently throughout the universe and its objects.

See the article « Entropic Gravity is observed » of February 15 (Click in the left margin).

In our theory of Électronisme, electrons form the Ether of space.

They create it at the same time, as well as the Universe itself, which is Space and all the objects it carries.

These « vibrating » electrons permanently maintain a « natural » arrangement of electrons with respect to each other, explaining:

  • That there is never a natural accumulation of electrons,
  • No hole, the existence of which we could not understand, since by hypothesis there is nothing, not even a nothingness « there » where the Universe is.
  • That balancing, which we have called « entropization », is permanent and therefore always immediately realized as soon as an event of any kind changes the arrangement of the electrons, with respect to each other.

The entropization always follows the modifications of the disposition of the electrons, for a maximum entropy which is always natural, corresponding to a space ether calm, without perturbation, which is practically never realized…

Electrons side by side, vibrating at the same time, form a compound with the same entropy which naturally changes as soon as the slightest change is always an increase since nothing can change the bonds of the electrons except the electrons themselves. The entropy of the compound is always uniform and peculiar to this compound. Any modification is « entropized » and the internal equilibrium is maintained.

This represents a certain level of entropy peculiar to this compound, by the density of the defects which are generally the addition of free or already bound electrons in compounds.

It is its gravity.

The existence of this compound modifies the dispositions of the electrons in its zone, more or less extensive. The entropization is thus carried out as regularly as in the compound itself, but over a great distance, up to a limit or with no limitation unless natural absorption with distance.

There is no other expansion or attraction.

It always has a more or less marked influence, with its entropy rate different from that of the near or inner compounds.

It is also its gravity.

The different gravities are always regularizations of the entropies of the compounds or of the more or less extensive neighboring zones. These entropies vary continuously from the slightest change in composition or the possible passage, whether rapid or not, of a particle or other object.

These gravities are never attractive.

This quality helps us understand many wrong or unexplained actions for all physics.

We list them below and many will be gradually resumed in articles to explain them more completely.

  • It is a « natural » phenomenon, universal, which is realized by electrons without particular « instructions », like all the other actions of the electrons.
  • It shows the presence of Ether, which we had established from the beginning of our theory, according to Einstein’s reflections. This regularizes the meaning that all encyclopedias give to the word « wave ».
  • This can confirm that neutrinos are the electrons of space moving from one to the other at the speed of ether electron encounters at a particular event.
  • The general entropization is confused with the principles of thermodynamics.
  • It is confirmed that there is no vacuum in space.
  • The gravitational attraction of the masses, so called Newton, does not exist. We need to review the creation of stars in nebulae and accept WHIMs. Gravity never refers to a mass or the undefined Centre of this mass as used for gravitational attraction.
  • In the various compounds, which often incorporate others, entropization always results in a regularization of the qualities, especially temperature and pressure.
  • This unattractive gravity changes our understanding of the orbits of planets and other space objects, including those of our satellites, giving a good explanation for the sling effect to increase the speed of some. Probably also revisit all the relative displacements of objects of space in their galaxies and clusters.

All these phenomena need further explanations by physicists.

© – Philippe Dardel – 20,02,2017



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