Electron in Électronisme

Electron – Mass – Energy – Ether – Random – Neutrinos

In Électronisme, the electron is the only elementary particle of the Universe.

Its qualities are known to all physicists. They are explained in Chapter II of our essay.

We recall the most important ones:

  • Electrons consist of a vibrating mass of unknown matter; Vibrations are intrinsic and always exist
  • The average radius of the electrons is 10-18 meters; All that concerns them is realized at the attometric level; The electron being the only elementary particle responsible for all actions, all are realized at the attometric level; They are indestructible, being the very basis of the Universe; They form the Ether which exists everywhere in space and in all objects and their materials
  • They are neutral, without sense of functioning and without spin, which allows them to bind, in certain situations, without the need for particular strength; As a result, matter does not have any sense of functioning and antimatter does not make any sense.

As a result, there is no energy in the Universe.

No other force is necessary or useful and has never been described as actually existing, either in space or its objects, including on Earth.

On Earth, we call energy all phenomena that resemble natural or artificial forces realizing involuntary or controlled actions.

There are no planned or programmed actions, indispensable or incidental to the functioning of the Universe.

Everywhere in the universe and all time, all actions are consequences of the vibrations of electrons.

It is the only rule of operation of free electrons or already participants of matter, compounds or objects of space.

Without consciousness in the Universe, all actions are randomly done. Chance therefore has a great importance in all the phenomena that are realized on Earth, in our galaxy and in all the space.

The vibrations of the electrons randomly cause one or more of the following actions.

  • Displacement inducement, for all electrons, whether free, or participating in compounds.
  • Electron linkage, which causes disturbances in their arrangement in Ether, with the formation of space waves (see below) which correspond to the bonds which formed them; They can be considered as randomly disseminated information elsewhere in the Universe. Living beings, including humans, know how to use them in different ways, including radio, light, vision.
  • Permanent balancing, which we call entropization, by the vibrations of the ether’s electrons and the density of the materials as the compounds are created. This corresponds to the increase in entropy, forming gravity in the compounds at all levels, in each other eventually, and in space.
  • Increase in thermal agitation, which we living beings consider as a sensation of heat, which corresponds to nothing in space.
  • In Ether, events more important than usual, can be sensitive to us and appear to be realized by different particles, the Neutrinos. They are the electrons of the Ether of space, moving from one to the other, never more, giving the impression of movements followed with modification of the qualities of the actors.

Waves of Space

All electron bonds create perturbations of the Ether electrons. These disturbances form instantaneous accumulations that move and may have actions elsewhere.

Actions in SWs (Space Waves) create exactly the same phenomena of perturbations, with the same consequences. This creates situations that can be excessively complicated in the general space or particular environments that we know on Earth and exist everywhere, depending on the circumstances, in the objects of space: living organisms, crystals in matter, and probably creation of atoms and molecules

Throughout space, free or that determined by changes in the matter of objects, the permanent vibrations of the electrons regulate their dispositions with respect to each other, reducing perturbations and disorders.

It is a permanent increase of the entropy, called entropization, inside the compound, which is then different from the neighbouring compounds with shifting limits between themselves if they are not visible.

This is gravity.

It exists at all levels, from the first links of free electrons, to the galaxies of stars and other objects and their clusters. It is always carried out by the free electrons which are all components of the Ether of space.
Thermic agitation

This is always the result of electron binding. These bonds are irreversible, at the level of the « degree of entropy » of their creation, because there is no force that could break this bond.

Within a compound, the entropization is permanent, taking into account all the modifications due to the bonds of the electrons.

In this way, an increase in thermal agitation is created which, in certain circumstances, breaks electron bonds to create larger ones.

The degree of entropy is measured in kelvins, as temperature.

© – Philippe Dardel – 23th, 02,2017



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