« Emerging Gravity could provide …

… a Universe without dark matter …

Comments from an article by Sabine Hossenfelder, Physicienne Théoriste, February 27, 2017


The word « emerging » applies to a phenomenon coming from something existing. So we ought not stop at this emergence. We need to know what the gravity we are looking for is emerging.

This would be the permanent entropy which is the behavior of the vibrating electrons of the Ether of space, permanently existing and responsible for all the functioning of the Universe.

This could correspond to the thermodynamics of Ted Jacobson. The small elements of thermodynamics tightened the electrons of Ether. Other proposals were made without going to the end.

The laws of thermodynamics are comparable to phenomena of balancing density or heat, or any other quality that we would not know, in a given volume, being part of more general volumes up to the global volume of the Universe.

In our study of the behavior of the first electron compounds, and then all the other compounds below, I first planned a « natural » density balancing, which evolved towards entropy because it included increasing thermic agitation.

This permanent balancing-entropization is called gravity, because it is apparently attractive.

That is not true.

The maximum entropy in the compound or zone considered has become a higher density dependent on the bonds of the electrons which can not break because no higher force exists which would break them (at a determined level, which evolves with importance of the object under consideration). So this density-gravity can not diminish.

And not to increase, without bringing additional electrons in a restricted volume, that is to say without bonds of electrons.

We always return to the vibrating electrons that form the Ether of space and tend to maintain a permanent complete entropy.

Moreover, any increase in the local space studied can only be done on or in a space with higher density or gravity.

We must also involve our vision, – to understand – because any improvement in our sight, helped or not, allows new discoveries, both in the objects of space, stars, galaxies, structures and quantities of objects which we do not currently see, at the primary level where the slightest improvement in the comprehensive observation techniques brings real information and very important explanations.

And we can not study the objects of space, black holes and dark hallos included, without knowing their creation and evolution. Our existence in one of these objects of space can show us, not completely yet, how these objects, excessively varied, difficult to see and to understand, are born, evolve and appear to us.

© – Philippe Dardel – March 1, 2017


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