Change in Physics Research System

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« Any attempt to manage academia makes it worse »

Published on 17 March by Sabine Hossenfolder @skdh

Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse

Everything is false in the search for a Physics of the Universe or of matter and space.

Yes, the time of academia had to be the right one: wage-earning scholars sought answers to the problems they posed or were posed to them. Everything was not fair at first, and they only used facts or arguments that they felt were correct. The results could be credible.

Currently, researchers are also good, but they are paid in money, medals, political positions or other benefits. All their research is marked. We use « recognized » facts even if we know them to be false and the results are good if they correspond to the expectations of those who can benefit from them. Everything is reflexivity.

In biology, the research seems different because the results are visible and often used immediately. All physics often take advantage of it.

Let’s start with Newton. He generalized a Earth gravity to the whole universe that he did not know, saying that what he explained could not exist. Everything was difficult to understand and after a while the physicists took up the idea without believing it, but because they could use it and all physics began to be distorted.

Maxwell translated mathematical formulas into magnetic and electrical fields that did not exist and that nobody understood.

Einstein had ideas about these problems. Like all other physicists after Maxwell, he felt obliged to study mathematization. After 17 years, the conclusion of his work, did not correspond to the beliefs of the time; He changed it by adding a so-called cosmological constant, declared worthless, which decided the shape of the universe according to the place where it was placed in the equation.

No one has ever understood Einstein’s theories and they are still being studied as an exercise to make oneself believe that they are right, whereas the three measures of the first equation are wrong. Mathematics is so complex that everyone uses his own formulas or arguments to find, or not to find, what he is looking for.

Then came mathematical studies to replace invisible and unknown elements. This was the beginning of the quantum period and the BigBang, the whole being now attributed to Einstein while he was careful not to touch it.

Then, the Standard Model of Cosmology and Particles was invented and the CERN LHC believed to have seen the trace of what would be the Higgs boson whose importance, if any, is difficult to understand.

And we have come to a situation that nobody can or can not really get out of. Researchers receive political funding, expensive large appliances are built on false ideas that are no longer occupied with finding justifications. Publishers manage and direct « science », maintaining the system as it is.

And science itself does not know how to change this situation.

Nobody dares to make a proposal.

Fortunately, scientists, researchers and technicians are using their discoveries and reflections to improve our immediate lives and the future, with the hoped-for participation of all at the global level.

It is always surprising that so few scientists seem to be involved in the study of the current major problems: global warming, clean energy use, and so on.

We do not yet know what light (and so-called electromagnetic spectrum), heat, electricity, life, and stars in the sky are.

It is from this that the solution for all the scientific research of the knowledge of the Universe could come.

  • Strengthen or create a global organization based on existing or future international societies and National Academies.
  • Reinvigorate the academic system by creating, rejuvenating and strengthening the National Academies in all countries, with the task of guiding all research, methods and funding without disrupting the whole of the present economic system.
  • Apart from cosmology, philosophy and theoretical research of unknown phenomena, classifying and directing all scientific research on apparently physical phenomena, comprehensible and observable. Teach differently.
  • Develop a basic physical theory that would require certain (not necessarily mathematical) principles, accepted and advocated internationally. Électronisme theory, the only existing complete theory, could be used to begin, although many elements have to be studied and modified, or confirmed.

It is urgent to act

© PhDardel – 20 March 2017


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