Research Charter for Quality of Science research

and publishing.

Continuation of the article: «Change in Physics research system », published March 20, 2017 (3 days earlier).

Everyone knows that the science research system is no longer working as it should, and that something must be done.

But nobody is empowered for that.

That’s why, we have to find out how to do « something » anyway!

There are more than 300 world science associations.

In almost every country, many organizations are concerned with the quality of research in science, mainly for its organization and its realization, without interfering in the quality of the research itself. Research and their publishing, have been « taken in hand » by powerful economic « interests », thus intervening in the research itself.

We can not, we must not, create a new society or association.

The quality of research and its dissemination must be improved. The problem is difficult to define, measure and eliminate.

At the global level, UNESCO and, or ICSU International Council for Science, or other organizations may be interested and concerned.

A Research Charter (CR or RC) should be established which would postulate:

  • The rules of work and freedom of research and their publication.
  • The quality of research, without affecting the organization of research by researchers and its consequences (medals, awards, posts, etc) on the career or life of researchers, especially those who do not just research.
  • It would be updated regularly, and as and when needed, to always be effective.

This CR will be validated by global and national societies and associations and will be able to intervene for a quality assessment of the research and diffusion throughout the public and teaching.

Appraisal software for researchers and research will be created that is adapted to the needs and updated regularly.

Special provisions will make it possible to use it, both in databases open to the general public and for publishing, which will guarantee the quality of the texts made available to the public.

Incentives for good research will be left to the discretion of countries, their associations and research centers, within the framework of the charter, which will be incorporated into the special provisions of the national academies and all research and teaching centers.

At the global level and separately in all the countries concerned, «committees of the wise men», composed of recognized scholars, working voluntarily when they are needed, will have the authority necessary to keep the rules of the Research Charter up to date.

All research scientists will be required to take an oath of good conduct at the beginning of their research careers or on occasional research.

A small self-constituted committee could draft a protocol and propose it to UNESCO and / or ICSU for study and progressive implementation as soon as possible.

The research thus established on new foundations could give scientists the spots, emotions and joys of teaching and discoveries.

© – PhDardel – March 23, 2017


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