Unseen Dark Matter

Article comments: « In search of unseen dark matter, physicists turn to the realm of shadows »

By Adrian Cho,  Mar. 23, 2017, 9:00 AM

We know that objects exist in space, by consequences on their environment.

But we do not see them, whereas sight is the only way to know them.

Two elements involved: Our Vision and Observed Objects.

In this study as in the whole of Électronisme, we consider certain problems as solved. They are explained elsewhere, we do not talk about them here.

  • Gravitational attraction does not exist in the Universe.
  • The Big Bang has not taken place or has to be pushed back to an almost eternity.
  • The Ether, formed of electrons, fills and creates space.
  • The photon does not exist.

All our study is under constant review. Currently under way: light, pre-matter and the Particle Standard Model.
The Vision, with light, lighting, images.

It is a phenomenon that scientists have never studied origin, causes and functioning. Physiologists have not yet correctly explained the vision used by certain living beings.

For more than 2,000 years, the effects of light have been examined, analyzed, used, but no physicist has ever tried to understand the creation of elements that would allow to see or transfer light, images or other information.

We use light – and so-called electromagnetic waves of « space perturbations » – without knowing them, while all living beings are sensitive to all perturbations (with certain limits) and not just to the light created.

For everyone, even scientists, the light is there, and that’s it.

With Électronisme, we discovered a theory that explains the creation of light and many phenomena that it allows us to understand.

We explain this in Chapter IV of the essay. (Currently under review).

It is a very important element in the « functioning » of the Universe, matter, space and its objects.

We explain in the same way the brightness of the stars, the flame of a candle, the light of an electric bulb and many other events in matter on Earth. We extrapolate them to all objects in space, hardly because of chance.

The same phenomenon of perturbations of the ether electrons explains many actions that we do not yet know well, such as electricity on Earth, the creation of crystals, the transfer of information for living beings.

A good knowledge of light, and of our vision with complementary tools that are always more « efficient », allows us to explain the origin, composition, and functioning of objects that are difficult to see because of distance, dark clouds or other excessively varied circumstances.

Three days ago, on 22 March 2017, our comments in an article by Durham University, UK, explained the colors of galaxies, leading to very different conclusions from the theories that were given.

This article thus confirmed our theory of light.

Even in observations to the « nanoscope » of matter or pre-matter, the colors help to understand.
The Objects of Space

In chapter III of our essay, we explain the creation of materials on Earth and that of objects of space and their evolution. We give only a few ideas, because the observations of astronomers and astrophysicists are difficult, the objects of space very varied, all different from each other because of chance at all stages of development.

The creation and evolution of the Earth and all objects of space are a consequence of the functioning of the electrons.

What we observe at the primordial level, or very close to this level, explains the creation of the objects of space. Chance at all levels of creation, development and evolution prevents us from making accurate predictions or extrapolations. Space observers are well aware of this; They have never seen two similar objects and can not foresee anything completely.

But we still have to analyze what we see. In Chapter III, we examined known objects and tried to explain them.

Below are some elements, in direct connection with the light.

(Beware of all drawings illustrating scientific articles).

  • In many galaxies, or elsewhere in space, light clouds, more or less dark, may resemble areas of invisible matter. They are difficult or impossible to see because the frequency of the electron bonds, and thus the frequencies of the spatial perturbations created, are too low and only form «Radio waves », before evolution reveals nebulae or other phenomena such as WHIMs, or the beginning of orphan objects that evolve into galaxies.
  • Nebulae are often immense. Their colors could indicate evolution. Special « radio » waves can be detected there.
  • The stars which would be all bright objects, that is to say those whose evolution has reached a sufficient level of regular growth. The light created comes to us from the outer zone of the object.

The thermic agitation increases even more and is too great to prevent (?) our vision. As if the waves of light no longer existed or were no longer visible to us because the « wavelengths » were too small, became indistinguishable.

  • This is the creation of a black hole, so called because we do not see it in an area of space or other objects that would be visible to us: the frequency of disturbances due to thermic agitation would be too great for our vision, while the perturbations themselves are still sensitive to living beings.

It is not a hollow, or a void, which would be filled by neighbouring objects, gas or matter.

On the contrary, objects are too full, stars that still magnify normally, like all objects of Space, with the electrons of the Ether, creating perturbations and light.

They can not merge with others. (To knowing what are the very low waves detected by the interferometers, LIGO and others).

They continue to grow normally, until the displacements of the elements prevent the decreasing thermic agitation. The object becomes visible to us and appears to be excessively enlarged and luminous.

  • It has become a quasar or other object, as explained in Chapter III.

It is the beginning of the death of this object which decomposes into clouds of matter, dark and then invisible. They are probably very numerous or voluminous, and can conceal other objects and then transform into nebulae which reappear as soon as the frequency of disturbances allows.

The photon, currently described as elementary particle without mass and energy can not materially exist. It is used when it is needed for theoretical explanations without ever explaining its origin, its manipulation, its use and its disappearance.

All these explanations need to be checked, completed. It is an enormous task that can only be done with a complete knowledge of the objects and the light that shows them. It is therefore essential to know and understand light and all comparable phenomena in matter and all objects of space, including our Earth.

© – Philippe Dardel – March 25, 2017


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