Should we Invent a New Physics?

After the entanglement of particles, quantum physics offers it for atoms, or very large groups of particles.

It is interesting but requires a clarification of the different « physics », because the atoms do not exist at the usual « quantum » level.

It is a surprise, because it seems that in the minds of many physicists, one passes directly from the level of the elementary particles to that of the atom. While the electron measures 10-18 meters, the mean atom is between the nano- and picometric levels, ie about 10-10 meters.

It would require 100 million electrons to reach the size of the atom as it is currently known. It is an intermediate zone very extensive in the reality of the materials and objects it forms, and which we have called pre-matter.

The discoveries in quantum physics of the entanglement of many elements are interesting and understandable, but we remain at the « quantum » level of the elementary particles. We are very far from atoms and molecules, even from pre-atoms.

This could confirm and explain electron linkages, which we anticipate in Électronisme (with possible physical entanglement), while remaining at the quantum level, with probably some peculiarities related to it.
An unknown physics

We had some form of bond-entanglement of many elementary particles and the beginning of the creation of compounds, which in evolution, bonds, successive modifications actually create atoms and molecules and materials.

This represents only a few nanometers, but consists of successive compounds of one hundred million attometers of thickness.

It is a new physics absolutely unknown which appears to us.

While the one we know is based on visible elements directly or with the aid of materials such as micro- and nanoscopes, in pre-physics we have nothing or only a few weak indications.

At the nanometric level, studies of electricity showed very complicated elements with behaviors different from those of the usual molecules.

At the femto and attometric level, a certain quantum physics is probably applicable.

The sequences of ether perturbations, as explained with light, creating the waves of space are applicable at the attometric level and could explain much « higher », the creation of masses of atoms, despite the permanent presence of chance.

All the physics of the particles is to be reviewed.

Should the whole of Physics to be re-invent?

© – Philippe Dardel – March 28, 2017


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