Thermodynamics, quantum laws and pre-matter

Currently, physicists are discussing many of the rules for incorporating modern quantic into laws of thermodynamics that have already « several » centuries when they have never been very clear or easily applicable.


By trying to understand the creation of matter, and objects, going to the most primordial zone, we discover situations that have always existed, but also always been ignored and misunderstood because they are poorly observed.

This is not just about Électronisme, but we are still studying it with this theory.

According to Électronisme, the Universe is made up entirely of electrons, elementary particles consisting of a « quantum » of vibrating mass, of unknown matter. There is nothing else.

All the electrons in the Universe form the ether of space with the free electrons and all those that are bound by entanglement, forming compounds and then enlarging all the objects of space. No need of force to hold them together, because there is no force that could apply to the bonds to undo them.

At the same time the random vibrations and displacements of the electrons balance the distribution of the disorders that are the objects, increasing the entropy throughout the general space and in that of the objects with their pseudo-limits. It is the creation of gravity everywhere in space and its objects, without the need for gravitational attraction that does not exist.

Objects are created by physical entanglement of electrons which form new and then larger compounds, which amplifies the frequency of possible encounters of the vibrating elements, and thus increases the thermic agitation of the electrons and give us, as living beings, sensation of heat. Under these conditions, the thermic agitation can only increase, with the creation or the increase of the objects.

The objects, of which we are part, appear to us in different forms according to their stage of development.

First, the particles forming the ether of space at the low temperature of space, that is to say a few degrees kelvin, in spite of the very small physical distance which separates the electrons from the atoms.

Indeed, between the atoms of electrons (10-18 meters) and the nanometric atoms (10-9 meters), the distance is on average one nanometer, that is, the thickness « of one billion electrons ».

It is in this area that all the creation of atoms and molecules, and at the same time other elements that emanate from it, such as light or electricity, which we call energy on Earth, We do not know how it works.

This is what we call pre-matter and which would be the quantum zone, that of the physics of the standard model.

This is where we use materials and create others, with the laws of thermodynamics and movements that depend on our use of atoms, the only nanometric elements we can manipulate.

As soon as the first compounds are created, there is an increase in temperature-thermic agitation, creating matter, with our habit of seeing it and thinking it formed of atoms and molecules.

It is the so-called constituted matter, which we know well since we easily see its components and can manipulate them at the « ambient » temperature for which we are formed, from 250 to 300 degrees kelvin.

Then, by continuing the creation of the materials, stars and other objects of space and all their structures, galaxies, clusters and renewal are formed in distances and dimensions that are considered light years.

The present problem of physicists lies in the pre-matter, because all the operations that we use, naturally or forced according to precise needs, are the use of atoms and molecules, their modifications and combinations very varied.

We thought this was very simple with some rules easy to understand.

But physicists discover new phenomena, topological matter or unknown crystals, and complicated combinations of atoms, such as superconductivity.

We have long tried to understand the electric current, and arrive at a phenomenon very similar to that of light, but confined in isolated systems whose substance, matter and form we do not understand.

There would be in this pre-matter quantum and other phenomena that we do not know. This would be the little known area of the van der Walls forces.

The practical creation of qubits and quantum computers could require pre-materials, such as current and electrical systems and other unknown phenomena.

They would explain differently the highly variable thermodynamics and entropy of all the compounds in creation. A whole new physics or simply a complement to that of the standard model to understand, hardly because we do not yet have the tools necessary to see it.

© – Philippe Dardel – March 31, 2017


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