Change Physics with Pre-Matter

In the objects of Universe, we call pre-matter the whole zone between the electrons which measure 10-18 meter in diameter and the average atoms of matter constituted, which measure 10-9 meter.

This difference in thickness of one nanometer corresponds to one billion electrons and in this thickness the electrons are linked in very varied elements which, under certain circumstances, form the atoms and molecules of our so-called constituted matter.

We explain this in the previous articles.

Universe would be composed of 99% plasma, five or six per cent.

But what is this plasma?

And the constituted matter that would be the 1-5% other thing?

In a recent study by UNIST and KRICT ( ), devoted to the use of perovskites (PSC), we read:

« PSCs consist of a mixture of organic molecules and inorganic elements in a single crystal structure that together capture light and transform it into electricity. »

It is about molecules and crystals, also referred to in other studies concerning electricity with so-called « topological » materials and metallic crystals scattered in poorly known substances.

The topological materials, existing within the limits of « something », are called exotic, and they won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2016 to three British physicists.

Moreover, in many studies, two-dimensional materials (graphene and others) are used which can not exist, or rather, the third dimension of which always has its importance.

What are these materials, used in superconductivity, the best being currently very complicated molecules, made of atoms very varied?

In a « research » (in my non-physicist way) on electricity, I found that light and electricity had the same form of action. Electricity being simply the possibility for the electrons to bind to one another, with consequent being increase in thermic agitation. Electricity would exist everywhere and, on Earth, men have invented the means to use it where they need it, hardly, because of the structures – which I did not find.

This blockage disappears if we remain in the pre-matter.

This would confirm the importance of the study of pre-matter.

This structure and substance, unknown, leads us towards other forms or ideas for the creation of the constituted matter (of our planet) and the plasmas of the objects of space.
Constituted matter

It is created on and in our planet and other objects of space, under precise conditions, especially temperature.

These objects are formed in the ether of space and in the nebulae by electron and compound bonds. They then grow by accretion of other objects and permanent bonds of other electrons anywhere. Very slowly, with parallel increase of heat, until transformation of matter into plasma of atoms and then the whole star which ends in explosion.

Our life and environment on Earth are created and evolve according to rules of physics that we have never understood, especially for topological phenomena that exist in the pre-matter, which we do not take into account.

All the latest observations and discoveries force us to change our thinking and to establish and apply new laws of physics.

This is an important difficult change that could help us solve current pressing problems such as global warming and energy use.
Stars and other bulky objects in space

They would be formed directly in « plasma », without an intermediate stage of matter consisting of atoms which continues to give its name to objects, clouds of particles called dust or gas.

It seems to us now that it would be enough to condense them into a star. We know this does not happen in this way and we understand it better by taking into account all that is realized in the pre-matter, which would never become matter in the stars.

This does not change what we observe, the various objects in permanent evolution between nebulae and dark clouds of matter (?) and pre-matter and objects more or less visible, in various structures.

The great problems of the physics of Universe do not change, but their explanations are different from those we know. Gravity, light, energy are still to be understood.

The general laws, the theories, the mathematical studies are to be modified.

This does not change the basic theory of Électronisme, but we must reconsider the explanations and their applications, especially for the work of nanoscience technicians and physicists, who have much to invent, to understand and use the elements of the pre-matter.

There is also a need to change the teaching of physics at all levels.

See everything again quietly, as if we were coming to a new physics.

For a nanometer of pre-matter thickness.

© – Philippe Dardel – April 2, 2017


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