Hot Springs on the Seabeds …

A scientific mission studies the hot water rings that fuel the intensification of hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea, with accurate measurements of the temperature, salinity and currents of the ocean to understand the structure of these warm water vortices.

These eddies could be created in the bottom of the ocean by a source of hot water like there are in other parts of our planet.

In the theory of Électronisme, we explain it in Chapter V of the essay, with the series of phenomena that created water in our planet.

These explanations are similar to the observations of the « natural » reactors of Oklo in Gabon, studied in the 1970s, the new water reservoirs discovered in recent years in Canada and south of Africa, the destruction of corals in the Great Barrier in Australia and the current exploitation of « natural » hydrogen in Mali.

The general increase in global temperature over the last few years has been able to reinforce the natural modification of the readily fissile materials of uranium « ores » and the production of hydrogen and water in the underwater areas known Caribbean and in the southwestern Pacific Ocean where hurricanes, typhoons and murderous tornadoes are also developing.

In the Caribbean Sea, the spreading of hot waves from underwater springs could be disrupted by the layers of water of the Orinoco and Amazon that would mix with the salt water of the ocean.

Warmer waters would remain strong enough to create or participate in the development of hurricanes in this region.

All the information gathered probably shows.

If this is correct, it would be interesting, (is it utopian?) to continue the studies to find out if interventions are possible.

They would be based on the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010 and would focus on regular hot water in-depth productions in order to spread them or mix them more with cold water. Other elements would be related to the water supply of the Orinoco-Amazone for a reduction of the temperature increase of the superficial water layers …

© – Philippe Dardel – April 4, 2017



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