Theoretical Physics from Inside …

SH gives well-explained and very harsh assessments of the functioning of science from the inside.

From outside, for all physics, observers, physicists or not, also know it well. Theoretical physics seems to control or study with mathematics, all that is proposed. Theories are generally rejected because they have all been tried and still need to be sought.

This is probably due to the fact that mathematics can always give different theories that appear more beautiful than all realities.

The study of real facts, even with mathematics, no longer seems the same physics. Different intellectual and material dispositions are required.

From Maxwell and the mathematician physicists of the early twentieth century and the school of Copenhagen, beautiful theories were established on which precise objects were created which served as real objects. The Bohr atoms and quantum particles of the standard model are still theoretically used without understanding, or even trying to understand, how these objects can function.

And that does not work.

So we avoid contact with reality. And we return to the theories, leaving the « technicians » to solve, by trial and error, all the material problems of physics, and to create the developments and progress of our life.

Are technicians scientists?

We do not know. Yet they are the ones who bring us or could give us the (technical) realities that advance science.

It must be difficult to work in theoretical physics without the hope of being able to change method, purpose, or simply explanations for existing or especially new observations which would give interest to all science.

Currently, students receive information, learn theories that should not be touched. It is for them a future without reality, a road traced to nothing. Except the accident of someone who would have an idea and would try to study it without hope to have it adopted, or simply criticize honestly.

We hear the « renowned » professors repeating the same sometimes false or incomprehensible sentences that are accepted because they are known, because repeated …

So what should we do now by staying in physical science?

Theoretically, this sounds simple:

To put order in this science, that is to say mainly:

  1. Cosmology and quantum mechanics would form different speculations, even if elements can be hooked little by little to real physics.
  1. Create a theory of physics that would explain our planet, in connection with the objects of space of Universe. It would therefore incorporate a physics of matter related to astronomy and astrophysics to:
  • Study, analyze facts, real events of physics, according to the real observations, old or new and the reflections of the researchers,
  • Apply the known laws, modify them if necessary,
  • Look for mathematical explanations if this is useful, and only in this case.

Practically, it’s difficult

There is no practical physics that would make it easy to understand all the phenomena around us when everything is very complicated. The physicists technician researchers use what they can and we do nothing of their discoveries.

There are a great number of physics theories, with mathematics or not, more or less specialized or oriented.

But it seems that there is none that connects all the phenomena between them, from electrons to stars and their galaxies, in a complete and simple way, as Électronisme does.

This theory is not presented and drafted in scientific form, but it could be done and, at the same time, verified, enhanced and completed by physicists.

It could then serve as the current or official theory of a simple physics that could be improved by a large number of stakeholders,

  • Simple readers, or
  • Scientists who would need them, or
  • Theoretical physicists who would value their studies by confusing them with « empirical evidence ».

Is it possible ?

It must be possible!

© – Philippe Dardel – April 6, 2017



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