Physics – fiction

What if everything had been going on in physical science for more than a century?

The Physics Behind “Interstellar’s” Visual Effects Was So Good, It Led To A Scientific Discovery

It is abnormal that since that time no physicist has established a complete theory of the physics of the Universe, in spite of all the researches and reflections of all the researchers, some of whom have spent their whole life there. Others have turned to philosophy.

While I knew nothing about it ten years ago and with some information gathered from their work, I was able to establish a theory that is probably full of errors, but exists and seems to explain everything.

Very many physicists could have done it and certainly much better.

It is not normal that for several centuries no physicist has succeeded in explaining the reasons for the gravity and light observed by living beings. None dare to speak of the ether of space, the creation of atoms, the waves of space, electromagnetism and the effects of scalar fields in volumes of the Universe.

Einstein was a very good physicist. He mathematized a theory, in which he did not believe. It had to be modified gradually with the advancement of very complicated mathematical research, because their bases were false:

  • The values ​​of the three « constants » used are false.
  • No basis, figure, or event, used can be just in an essentially random system, the initial conditions of which we do not know at all.
  • This is the situation of all current mathematical and computer studies or simulations, which thus never succeed.

The idea of ​​the BigBang dates back to Edgar Poe in the 19th century.

How to accept a BigBang, described by Gamow, a science fiction writer, as being created from nothing in an almost infinitely small time, while physicists do not accept for real objects or events created from nothing?

Astronomers no longer dare to tell the age of the stars and galaxies they observe with material in constant improvement.

What event or character will one day liberate Physics Science from its stagnation?

© Philippe Dardel – May 6, 2017



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