Électronisme explains Time Crystals

and Liquid Metals,easily and completely

In 2012, Frank Wilczek was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of « time crystals ».

Currently, at the beginning of 2017, physicists seem to create at will this new material, without understanding the principle and especially the fact that they realize it without energy intervention


Moreover, in different studies, physicists create and manipulate liquid metals. Nor do they understand the basic principles


These phenomena are to be compared with the current studies of the « topological » matters which won the Nobel Prize for Physics 2016 from 3 British physicists.

In these three phenomena, it seems that so-called « fundamental » laws of physics are violated.

Until now, physicists have been studying the molecules of matter that « directly touch » us, that is to say, the part of objects in contact with the environment, which has an influence on their formation, which we consider As « constituted » matter.

The studies we are discussing here concern what we have recently called the Prematter, that is, the creation of « materials » from electrons and the creation of stabilized atoms in molecules that are partly external Objects, of which we know only our planet.

It seems that in the matter of 100 million electrons, before reaching the molecules we see, there are created many different atoms or bodies which are the result of very varied compounds that we do not know at all presently,, of which we have never taken account in all researches in physics, even by the mathematician physicists of the School of Copenhagen who studied quantum phenomena at the atoms level.

What physicists are now discovering in the matter of our planet is to be extrapolated to that of all objects in space.

This calls into question all that has been said and studied up to now, concerning the creation of these objects.

All these phenomena are explained easily and completely by the theory of Électronisme.

The basis of everything is the only operating rule of the vibrating electrons, existing and forming the Ether of space, permanently balanced (entropy) by their vibrations.

The electrons bind randomly (see Chapter II), which creates disturbances of space, adapted to the bonds and creating radiation that is sensitive to living beings (waves of space and light – see Chapters IV) that reproduce immediately, or further in time and space, according to the quality of the objects created by accretion in the nebulae.

It is thus that superpositions of free or already composed electron bonds can be created, which would eventually form the quantum phenomena, the « time crystals », liquid metals, exotic compounds and other elements or phenomena that are still unknown or misunderstood.

They can create very random and variable temporary atoms that, on Earth, men try to use.

This could be for the creation of electrical systems and current, and more difficultly for quantum computers.

Many known phenomena will have to be explained differently, such as the creation of objects of space, especially stars and black holes.

Practically in the present state of the Universe, new objects are created in nebulae, partially with the indestructible remains of previous stars. The protons and neutrons which form the nuclei of atoms, of the so-called constituted matter, and the nuclei themselves would be created in the prematurity of all objects of space and not as a fuel for their function.

We know that electrons under specific conditions of their contacts can bind and that each bond creates different phenomena including disturbances of the near space and their possible reproduction at greater or less distances in space and what we, Observers, call the time ..
Other remarks related to the new phenomena studied:

  • There is no free energy or not in the Universe. No physicist has ever explained in what form it would exist.
  • Time does not exist as a real phenomenon which could have a material effect on the elements and phenomena of space.
  • Heat is a sensation for living beings. In the matter of objects of space, there are only variations of the thermal agitation.

It is the publishers who decide on the scientific information to be made known to all or part of the scientific public or not. Could this system be changed?

© Philippe Dardel – 21 May 3017


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