Quantum Effect

In the curent state of our research supplements for «Électronisme, we can propose an explanation of what we call the quantum effect, EQ (Effer Quantique), and part of its actions.

Our studies should be taken up by physicists.

In Chapter III of our Essay, we explain that the free electrons of ether sometimes bind themselves to each other.

These electrons are all similar, with the same mass which is considered a quantum because it is always the same.

In the present state of scientific research, it is the only characteristic of particles that can be considered as a quantum.

Its action is called quantum.

In Chapter IV of the essay, we explain that free electrons, which bind, create perturbations in the arrangement of ether electrons, creating, among other events, waves of space that we perceive as light.

These waves move at the speed of light, all around the event that created them and reproduce everywhere almost exactly the disposition of the electrons that created the wave.

When the electrons of this wave connect with electrons of the ether, they reproduce exactly the same phenoene which can reproduce so many times in different places according to, and in spite of, the chaotic character of the system of the Universe.

This is the quantic effect.

Under certain particular conditions, massifs of similar materials can thus be created in the same or in different objects of space.

This quantic effect always requires the use of electrons from the ether, which would probably explain:

– Difficulties in creating an actualy exisring quantum computer; EQ could act only once;

– All or some of the objects, stars, dark or invisible clouds in space.

Further research by physicists is indispensable

© Philippe Dardel – July 12, 2017

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