Quantum Effect

The false energy of the Universe

In the present state of our study of the quantum effect, we discover that this phenomenon is permanent, always related to the operation of the electrons.

We know, by hypothesis, that electrons form the whole universe and that their rules of operation are simple and always the same, everywhere and at all times. We explain them in Chapters II and III of our essay on Electronisme.

They can be summed up as two actions:

1 – The electrons can bind to one another, always in the same way. The results are varied and all different from each other, because they depend on the always random conditions of the environment and their contacts.
Figures and situations of electrons and all other elements, recorded in space and matter, always depend on chance. They are thus unusable in general studies, both for mathematical developments and computer simulations.

2. The permanent equilibration of the entropy of the ether of the general space, and of all objects, by the « natural » placement of electrons and compounds in relation to each other, according to their mass and volume.
It is entropization.
It explains and realizes the ether of space and the apparent connection of objects with their environment, which is their gravity.

These two actions complement each other in the quantum effect.
We explain it in detail in Chapter IV of the essay and summarize it below in a few points. :

The electron bonds create a reduction in the volume of the compounds, created or modified, relative to the volume of the separated elements. This may create a vacuum in the Ether of space, which is not possible.
– To prevent it, «Eher quanta » of the area all around move, by entropization.
– Coming from all around, these quanta are too large.
One part is retained. It is the one that corresponds to the possible void.
The other part is returned to the outside. It could be equal to the compound that created the event. It forms a ray that renews itself to the end of the space concerned.
– This part would therefore be the copy of the compound responsible for the event. It is renewed as it moves away, creating rays that convey, all around and to the end of the space, additional possibilities of connection, incorporating the information on the original compound.
– Some of these rays are absorbed, in close or distant materials, by bonding between free electrons or already participating in compounds.
It is the quantum effect that reproduces thus, sometimes very far from its place of origin.

Because of chance, it never exactly reproduces the phenomenon that creates it, even if everything is instantaneous and the differences are generally very small.

It exists permanently in all zones of creation of matter.
In our studies, we consider three particular zones:

The space emoty of object, that is to say, the Ether formed chiefly of free electrons, filling the whole space. Rays pass through it and can sometimes create compounds that would be the beginning of new objects in space.

The zones of nebulae, dark clouds and all galaxies, more or less visible, where are gathered the very varied remains of dead stars, all different from each other. In these remains, the Prematter develops, in which are created the compounds and agglomerates which will form the new objects of space. The quantum effect is very important in all the different creations of materials and objects.

– Earth and some other objects of space especially of the solar system, in which we can observe closely some phenomena existing also elsewhere in the Universe. The quantum effect and the rays of space still have great importance showing that protons and atoms, if they exist, may not resemble at all those of Aristotle and early twentieth century scholars and some of now . This is a problem to be fully resumed.

Some events due to the quantum effect

The quantum effect always exists, being a consequence of the bonds of electrons. Because they are larger in volume than the free electrons, the small compounds of the rays of the quantum effect bind more easily with other electrons. No additional energy is required. There is therefore no energy which would be free in space and would facilitate connections. The appearance of its possible use would explain the dark energy or that of the vacuum that physicists have been seeking for a very long time.

Depending on their qualities and those of their area of ​​creation, the rays of the quantum effect can create, to a greater or lesser extent, in the nebulae or in the free space of objects, new materials and objects almost similar to those of their creation.

Because they carry the possibility of creating material almost similar, these rays reduce the action of chance which would normally prevent the creation of masses of materials and similar objects. This would also concern atoms and molecules, if they exist.

– In the matter of our planet, many phenomena are realized thanks to the quantum effect. In all organs and organisms of living matter and mineral, changes in qualities are always carried out at the primordial level and « transported » by the rays of the quantum effect. This is particularly the case for the functioning of the nervous systems of living beings and for the electric current. It is a homogeneity of action in all matters.

 Numerous phenomena are still to be discovered and explained, such as, for example, the quantum entanglement of electrons or small compounds.

© Philippe Dardel, October 2017



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