Atoms and protons …

… are fully explained by the connections of electros and the quantum effect.

are fully explained by the connections of electros and the quantum effect.

The atoms, « discovered » by Aristotle 2500 years ago, were for him the constituents of matter. They are still so for us today.

 For the current physics, in 2017, the protons are created in the stars and his atom are not explained. These atoms consist of protons and neutrons for their nuclei and electrons. Their qualities would be determined by the number of nucleons, while the electrons make their bonds.
At the beginning of the 20th century, they were studied by mathematicians who made them work like their equations.
The mass of protons would come to 96% of the energy of space.

For Electronisme, this energy does not exist. But an action exists brought by the rays of the quantum effect. that we explain in chapter IV of the essay and in the following article:

The protons and neutrons would be constructed by rays, the Quantum Effect, coming from the bonds of the free electrons, with their instantaneous or immediate renewal in very specific areas that could form organs in an organism or the organism itself.

Protons could exist as compounds solely of free electrons. Their number of electrons would be limited by the possible contacts, or not, of electrons in the same compound. It would average close to 1836 electrons. Which could correspond to a natural arrangement of electrons in a compound.
Independent protons are easily created according to the rules of operation of the quantum effect and explain the omni-presence of hydrogen almost everywhere in the materials of space.

In space, materials and objects are created everywhere in the same way, both in areas completely empty of objects, and those of nebulae and dark or invisible clouds.

Atoms are created and used from the beginning of the formation of the materials.
These materials are created, augmented or modified by small compounds as a function of contact, random or directed, free electrons or already participating in compounds.
There is then bonding of electrons, disturbances of space and creation of quantum-effect rays using quanta of space containing atoms with their operating peculiarities.

These ideas and propositions need to be studied completely, by taking up all the phenomena from the bonds of the electrons at the primordial level.

© Philippe Dardel, October 23, 2017


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