The free force of the Universe

– Entropy and gravity,
-The gravity and its strength, very important, do not exist in space,
– The quantum of space and the quantum effect,
-The negative displacements, without displacement of the force of the vacuum,
-Increased strength with the magnification of stars,

At the end of our study of gravity, we were not satisfied with the conclusions because a pulling force does not seem sufficient for the actions we knew of gravity.
Very soon after the publication of the texts, we thought of another conclusion which gives a very important force, available everywhere and always in the matter. We have known and used it for several years in our theory of Electronism More precisely since we try to explain light, rays in space and the quantum effect.
It is the energy of emptiness.
Theoretical physicists have been talking about it for a long time and we did not accept it because it was not explained at all..

Entropy and gravity
This force results from the normal operation of electrons (see Chapter II). At each liaiso, electrons, different phenomena occur which a risk of creating vacuum which is not possible. This is prevented by the permanent entropiolation and the « negative » displacement of the concerned compounds.
This could be considered as an entropy action using gravity in this part of matter.
Gravity, with this force, very important, is not in space.
It is related to the material. It does not exist, therefore, in the non-object part of the ether, but it immediately appears at each bond of electrons with the ray of material which traverses the space.
On the other hand, it is very important in all the evolving materials and therefore all objects of space, even on pebbles like Tchouri where the Space Shuttle had deposited its laboratory thanks to the same low gravity.

The quanta of space, the quantum effect and the rays are not at all disturbed by a possible action of gravity. It is the same for moving all objects in space.

This vacuum energy makes it necessary to review many of the names explained by Electronism and could help to understand others studied by physicists such as thunderstorms, electricity, magnetism and negative displacements.

© Philippe Dardel, December 8, 2017



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