In Electronisme we define electricity as the ability for all free elements to bind to others.

Men have made it a tool to do some work. It’s the electrical energy they try to make available wherever they need it.

There are no « electric charges », which would be dedicated compounds. On Earth, within limits set for their use, all free compounds can be used for electricity.


We recall that throughout the universe and its objects, including the Earth, all actions are carried out by free electron bonds or already participating in compounds. It is during these creations or modifications, of the compounds that the requested work is realized, according to precise techniques and with tools sometimes difficult to put in place.

For its actions, electricity, then called electric current, is installed in an electrical system, a well-defined and «electrically » « isolated zone, consisting mainly of metal conductors.

The following descriptions of theoretical and applicable materials and techniques for superconductivity. Our current use of electricity is similar but we still do not know how to build the necessary equipment

Ideally, an « electrical system » includes a zone of materials, often only conducting wires or cables, electrically isolated from its environment, and two sites that can be connected to it, the « electric power » provider, that is to say of « small » free compounds, the other is user, linked to external tools.

The set is suitable for the intended use.


For its operation, electricity usually uses free compounds, the atmosphere and the free spaces of the planet’s materials (see Magnism in Chapter III). They are of very varied importance, permanently modified by the contacts between them and all the elements of the environment.

A system is put into service when a supplier site is connected, providing the system free compounds, according to the intended use.

It works when a user site is also connected to it.

. As soon as a user site is connected, links are made between elements of the site tool (bulbs for lighting, motors for mechanical movements, telecommunication conductors, etc.), and any other compounds existing (or brought ) in the system. (See hysteresis in Chapter 1). A (small) compound, (without particular interest) is created or modified in the system and its operation. It corresponds to the wear of the bulb or any other tool.

This is the beginning of a series of successive instant actions.

– The first electron bond performs the action requested by the tool,

– And at the same time disturbances of the immediate space are formed, and

creation of a ray carrying a « quanta of space » with a copy of the first electron bond in the system. This is the Quntic Effect explained in Chapter IV.

– This rays moves instantly throughout the system, including the provider site with many compounds one of which binds with that of the rays.

-There is new disturbance and creation of a scattered ray (instantly) also in all the electrical system,

– And link with an element of the user site.

– A shuttle is established and the whole system works as long as the user site is connected.

– Small compounds created during operation remain in the atmosphere forming other free elements. It is a modification of the components of the atmosphere.


These phenomena are confirmed by the observations of the technicians.

It is always the user site that « directs » the operations, which is logical and corresponds to the very complicated techniques put in place for radio-waves, telecommunications and other uses.

This system completely explains the rays of space and the excessively numerous and varied ones created for all telecommunications and global networks of the Internet.

This theory is to be understood with all current research in superconductivity, topological materials, graphene and other compounds of carbon, silica and other, mineral, or organic.

It would be necessary to further study the use of electricity where there are free usable compounds in the atmosphere and « magnic » areas of materials. See chapter III.

Will transistors ever be a model for charging our car directly into the atmosphere?


Our explanation shows that, in this technique, the charges provided (« light » waves of the sun) do not always correspond to the needs of the user tool.

It would be interesting to check if the photovoltaic efficiency would be improved with the permanent use of a battery adapted to frequencies of light,


Electrically insulated systems are exquisitely numerous in materials. We can even think that ALL compounds, « systems » and objects are isolated from others.

As if they were all surrounded by an undetectable envelope with our current means of research.

This isolation would be comparable to living organs and organisms. See Chapter VI, for the study of life with the senses and Phantom signs.

The mode of operation that we have described above for electricity in general could be that of superconductivity at room temperature.

Studies currently under way for the electricity of the atmosphere of our planet could be concerned.

This use of the quantic effect seems frequent if not general in all the phenomena of creation and functioning of matter in the objects of space, to the displacement of information in the nervous systems of living beings.

© -Philippe Dardel, December 11, 2017



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