NP2100, the New Physics

of the Century, must be created in a new management system., to be installed in a new CSS, Conseil Superieur de la Science.

#Électronisme is its only possible basis.

Seen from the outside, physics seems an interesting and easy-to-understand science, in which we could meet great scientists who would explain the light of the stars and how atoms created the Earth that heats up too fast.

When we enter, all the phenomena quickly become very complicated. Many different « physics » share the theoretical and technical studies and we learn that there are two general « physics ».

– Classical physics, based on the ad hoc laws of Newton’s movement, Maxwell’s electromagnetism, and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

– Contemporary physics, with the same basics, incorporating the mathematical studies of some physicists of a century ago, creating quantum physics based on « exchanges » of quanta of energy tthat no one has ever observed or explained, nor any consequences, in the space or materials of the objects of space.. Without thinking that free energy might not exist and that everything would be studied differently.

The proponents of this physics have established philosophical and mathematical « foundations » which refer to:

`- Aristotle and his time, when philosophers discovered that their knowledge of the Universe and matter could create a new science, physics, and

– Einstein and his mathematical theory which, in the end, he completely modifies the result, to adapt to the tune, by adding a mathematical factor without numerical value or other, the cosmological constant.

Philosophy and mathematics are human sciences without any direct connection to the Universe. Philosophy makes it possible not to answer existential questions and mathematics is an aid, sometimes essential, to human logic, when the values ​​used are not random.

Since they live, men have always thought the same way. Their reflections, conclusions and decisions depend on the information they have and which constantly evolve over time.

Currently, most laws of physics are false. Often because they are based on old, erroneous theories, so well known that no one dares to think that they should be changed and the results are judged with other dubious and hermetic ideas that prevent the end of reasoning.

For example ::

With his theories, Maxwell removed the ether from space. Einstein restored it but no one decides whether to be there or not.

In the Universe, with the help of Newton’s theories, one looks for dark or invisible materials, « dynamic » or « luminous » that no one has ever observed or explained.

What is the value of the description, from the early days of the big-bang universe, written by Gamov who was also author of science fiction books.

The « great » scientists have brought a lot to science and also some mistakes. They are still great scientists.

For 150 years, theoretical physicists have been stranded between theories they believe untouchable and the development of new ideas difficult to understand because they are based on debatable reflections while reliable information is used by scientific technicians to greatly improve our life on Earth.

Technicians and theoreticians work hard together, probably because of the scattering of research in different physics, all physics.

Because there are many, organized according to research and their specialized researchers. Like, for example, particle physics and all quantum mechanics, which are interested only in atoms and smaller elements, but not in the matter that is composed of them, which depends on other physics, such as gases or of the condensed matter, as long as the studied elements remain in a precise frame, etc …

Around these specializations and physicists, researchers and technicians, it developed a system, scientific and academic, in a very important political and economic environment. But this set does not seem satisfactory since it is constantly questioned, but rarely modified, because it is too complicated. It is mainly the research itself, theoretical and technical and researchers, and then the archiving and dissemination of research results that seem out of the control of scientists. We do not know who judges the texts to be archived. Then the publications are generally decided by publishers and journalists, often specialized, who thus guide the whole of science. This also affects teaching and encyclopedic information online.

In this discouraging situation, scientists are turning to new philosophies or have books published, copying them while looking for new ideas.

The attempts to modify the system have never really succeeded. It should change everything at once and create something else, completely new. that would grow out of the current system, while maintaining contacts there.

The opportunity to do this now exists with the necessary creation of a new physics, the NP2100 that I evoked in my texts for some time.

This new physics of the twenty-first century would study the matter of the Universe and the Universe itself as a material whole, a reality to know from within, by taking up the studies, observations and reflection of scholars of the last centuries and of time. present. As we have tried to do with the theory of Electronisme.

For the NP2100, a new organization would be set up completely outside of what currently exists.

It will be difficult and we propose below some ideas to verify and supplement by the many interested scientists.

Within the framework of the United Nations, apart from existing agencies and other international organizations and with their help, a « Higher Council of Science », CSS, would be created, changed only of the creation of NP2100, New physics of the 21st century.

After a few years, the CSS would also take care of other sciences.

The GSS will be composed of representatives of the National Academic Scientists from all UN countries

Its sole purpose will be the creation of NP2100 and all of its scientific, political and economic environment, that is to say:

  • Study of the aims, extent and limits of research;
  • Find the basic assumptions and theories; for a start, the theory of Électronisme would be used; or it is kept, with all the necessary modifications, to be the new physics of the twenty-first century;
  • The entire political and economic system with the direction of research and its exepxperimentations, at times very expensive, the archiving and dissemination of research results of scholars;
  •  Financing;
  • The teaching of science;
  • Gradually will be incorporated, without removing them, all or part of the organization of different physiques;
  • Controlled and open archiving, worldwide, of all the results of research and realization of technicians and theorists;
  • Their publication and dissemination by current economic operators, under probably different conditions.

Many physicists, researchers and technicians will be able to complete this list, even knowing that, for a few years, the CSS will only deal with the new physics, then spread to all the sciences.

For the beginning of 2018, we send our best wishes to all those who will take care of the implementation of the NP2100 and the new Higher Council of Science.

© Philippe Dardel, December 29, 2017



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