Atomes – Part I

No serious study has yet been done to understand the atoms of matter. We start it here

Keywords: atom, molecule, matter, proton, neutron.

The atoms considered as the components of all the substances of the objects of the Universe could be very different from what physicists know and that we take again in chapter III of our essay.

In some cases, like their presence in the atmospheres of galaxies, they could be nothing more than packets of protons and neutrons, with behavior similar to that of all other electron compounds in the matter of objects in the Universe. No particular electron would be associated with them.

If it were, all the bases of the current physics would be changed. This would explain, in particular, the absence and uselessness of free forces or energies in matter and space.

The atoms would therefore be aglomerate of some protons and neutrons with a reduced volume allowing their presence in very small compounds (proteins).

Until now no one had been able to propose a « status » for the protons. We dared not think of it as an elementary particle, but it was given the same energetic value as the electron almost 2000 times smaller.

In Electronism we did not understand where it could be created. We thought of nebulae without knowing how it could be formed.

He seems to have found the solution with the study of the stars.

The physicists of the stars explain the heat by the « fusion » of the atoms of hydrogen then of helium, tritium, etc. This is partially accurate, the hydrogen atoms and other elements being made in the stars themselves. It is very complicated but done exactly like all other electron compounds.

Stars regularly grow only with the electrons of the ether. At a certain temperature, electron bonds with instantaneous quantum effect make it possible to create protons and neutrons then their fusion to arrive at the atoms of very varied matter according to the quality of the materials already existing in the different aglomerate compounds to form the stars .

They multiply in billions of years manufacturer at the same time the massive of different atoms in permanent modification up to a certain threshold which triggers the death or the transformation of the star in other thing, passing or not by the stage dark cloud or black hole. Then after billions of years everything is getting back into shape in nebulae and proto-stars.

All this explains a great many phenomena and in particular that the atoms are all created in the stars.


The new atoms in the nuclear reactors, formed with the neutron pieces and uranium fuel thus producing the requested heat.

These new atoms are considered as by-products, waste of manufacture and generally still radioactive.

It is therefore possible to make atpms on Earth …

And we dream of producing piece of neutron atoms of a material that would not include pieces of neutron but protons of graphene, or similar elements and uranium

To create electrical conductors and systems.


Is not ITER also a utopia?

Could we join both?

To be continued…

© Philippe Dardel, January 2018


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