Math and Physics

Where is the use of nthematics to explain the phenomena of physics,

and why it does not work

Keywords: physics, science, mathematics, math

We have two main problems that can be explained by each other:

  1. Several phenomena and elements, described in the document, do not exist, which we explain in our essay on Electronism.
  2. Physicists thought they understood them with mathematics, or thought that a mathematical study gave them a certain reality.

This is the problem of all physics research, since Maxwell created, with other physicists and mathematician what he called electromagnetism.

In the document we are studying here, all the observations of physicists are accurate and precise. Their study change them into mathematical factor, encrypted, crossed or not, to use of different and very many ways decided by the researcher. The calculations lead to dead ends considered as solutions.

The physicist-mathematician of the Copenhagen School was instructed to calculate without ceasing and without considering possible results. They invented the use of mathematical factors as an actor in physics, they created, among other things, a mathematical sense to particles without considering the various consequences, such as the creation of unnecessary forces never observed, quantum mechanics and antimatter that nobody did not really explain.

The description of the magnetohydrodynamic underwater disk physics is a good example of the successful mathematization of phenomena that no one knew how to explain. Nobody understands, either, the mathematical explanations but everyone accepts them and we do not seek more real explanations to the physical phenomenon. For the physicists who studied it, the phenomenon is settled, we do not speak about it anymore except for other similar processes that would be regulated also ..

Thus since Maxwell no explanation, or simply research, has concerned the functioning of the universe, space and matter while there existed and still exists many very good physicist what all world could question.

It is assumed that 150 years of physics and physicists work have been lost.

We must reorganize everything and resume three centuries of research for the physics of the universe.

While technicians continue to improve our life on Earth without the help they could expect from theorists.

To start, students without maths should be hired immediately for physics and all other sciences.

To begin with, students without mathematics should be hired for physics and all other sciences.

And at the same time, immediately, with some physicists and quickly all, create:

  1. A general theory of physics by adopting and adapting what exists what exists, that is Electronism.
  2. An international organization for the scientific, economic and political management of physics and all other sciences, as we explain in various recent notes.

© Philippe Dardel January 21, 2018


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