Memories, material objects …

The creation and functioning of the memories of living beings correspond exactly to those of all the elements of the matter of the objects of the universe.

Keywords: life, living being,, memories, nervous system, neurons

This study of the memory seems very complete realized by many neurophysicists with various ideas. We know that memory exists, but we do not know what it is, what it is for, what its action is or why it exists. That’s all you need to know.

Nneurophysicists know everything about the neurons and nervous systems of different living things. It is extremely complicated and it works thanks to … memories.

This is what we explain with our theory of physics of the universe.

This theory is simple but very difficult to explain in detail, like this problem of memory.

In the theory of Electronisme , the electrons (1 attometer of diameter) are the only elementary particles. They create space and are the only acting elements, by their links between them. Each bond of free electron or already participating in a compound, always creates different phenomena including the formation of rays, diffusing more or less far in the space around the action, « quanta of the matter of space » This is what we have called the quantum effect.

Each bond of electrons creates a disturbance of space and a ray with its own quentum of material element. Each event requires a certain number of electron bonds during sometimes very long periods of time (light)

Each ray can reproduce, possibly several times, all or parts of the quantum it carries.

Each event or object created in the universe and in particular on our earth thus requires a certain number of electron bonds one after the other sometimes for a very long time. Each bond of electron creates rays always different from the others and disperse in the space of matter or eather, if they do not bind to other diverse elements.

Memories, for all living beings (and probably inert objects) are created by all or parts of quanta of rays from a particular event or object, either outside or inside the organ or organism living.

We could say that memory is a material object composed of various atoms, transformed (not always) in memory and proteins in the dentrites of specialized neurons of living beings. The operations are performed by binding the electrons of the internal space of organs or organism and memories. These links create rays that carry the memories in all or part of the internal space of the organs where they are recovered according to the use of these memories.

The material of these memories could be myelin, the outer part of neurons.

The effective parts of the nervous, brain, and many non-apparent elements would be memories accumulations permanently modified by rays created by other memories-information. Dentrites and memories themselves transform information into memories disseminated in the internal space of organs and organisms. See Chapter VI of the essay.

The whole nervous system of living beings would be accumulations of memories. This confirms the idea that free will does not exist, but that unforeseen elements outside or outside the organs or organism can completely change their existence.

All this description is very long and very theoretical and must be completely reviewed by neurophysicists.

In the article studied, it is question of planarian worms whose head is reformed after having been cut by the researchers. The regrowth of the head and, separately, the renewal of memory, are also the result of electron binding and creation of quantum-effect rays.

It also shows us that the renewal or the creation of new neurons in complete nervous systems could be done in exactly the same way, creating at the same time the vegetative part and that of the memories.

© Philippe Dardel, February 7, 2018


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