Electrons in English


Formed of a center and its spatial extension, they are the only primordial objects of the Universe and they create it.

Key words: Universe, space, ether, electron

They are the only primordial objects of the Universe.

They are indestructible and ball-shaped, of which a hard center is extended by a moving and vibrating margin of the same material. Einstein called it « spatial extensions » (SE), in his description of the ether of space.

The volume of the whole is invariable, but its shape can change with the vibrations and the contacts of other elements, in particular during their bondi,gs. The center and its SE form a single object and can not be separated.

The SE can explain many phenomena in the matter we know on Earth and in the objects of star galaxies. They participate in topological matters, surfacess and external structures of matter and objects, (electricians say that the electric current passes in the skin of the conductors), the interfaces in the matters, that is to say to the capillarity, the adhesions, static electricity, and, probably, magnetization.

They are surrounded by an « invisible » envelope which would be at the origin of the unobservable but sensitive limits around all the compounds and the various objects that they form, in a sense up to the stars, galaxies and other structure, and in the other side, to the smallest objects, organs, cells or particles of mineral matter and those of living beings.

Electrons do not contain any force or energy as we understand it on Earth. There is no special device in the electrons or in the materials necessary for connections or a « binding energy ».

They vibrate constantly, which could be an intrinsic peculiarity of their material.

Physicists have observed.

These vibrations move them. They can meet randomly. If they touch each other, the consequence is always one of two actions:

– The direction of their movement is changed;

– They bind each other, always the same way but. because of chance, the results are extremely varied and always very difficult to explain.

If one of these actions is possible it is always done instantly.

In the case of a bond, the electrons remain invidualized and the modifications relate only to their spatial extension.

There is still a lot to learn about electrons.

To be continued by: « Electron bonds »

© Philippe Dardel, February 2018


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