Electron Bonds


The electrons are topological and entanglements very varied allow to create and modify the atoms and the materials in all the objects of the universe.

Key words: electron, topology, entanglement, atom, Universe, space, ether, gravity, heat, entropy.

The electrons are the only primordial objects of the universe and they create it by their existence. They are indestructible.

They are normally spherical, but they are topological and can therefore be deformed according to their internal and external neighborhood, in their limit for a constant volume equal for all if them. This is what Einstein called their « spatial extension » in his description of the ether of space.

They form this ether without leaving a void between them.

The topology and the random quality of their contacts allow more or less tight entanglements for bonds of variable strength. Thus, different materials can be created in the same object of space. These objects are always created by the acretion of compounds of very different sizes and qualities, sometimes called exotic.

Researchers have just discovered what they call topological material. They probably have a particular shape due to the poorly known appearance of this quality. This seems common in all materials on our planet and especially in the surfaces and external structures of matter and objects, (electricians say that electric current passes in the skin of the conductors), the interfaces in the materials, that is to say ie, capillarity, adhesions, static electricity, and, probably, magnetization.

The electrons are surrounded by an « invisible » envelope which would be at the origin of the virtual limits around all the compounds and the varied objects that they form, up to the galaxies of stars, in a sense, and in the other sense, to the smallest objects, organs, cells or particles of mineral matter and those of living beings.

Electrons do not contain force or energy as we understand them on Earth. It does not exist, neither in the electrons, nor in the materials that they form, of particular device necessary for connections or a « binding energy ».

They vibrate permanently, which could be an intrinsic peculiarity of their matter.

Physicists have observed them.

These vibrations move them. They can meet randomly, and randomly these contacts can lead to one or the other of the following two actions:

– The direction of their movement is modified, which has no particular consequence;

– They bind themselves together, always in the same way, always leading to the same phenomena, whose realization and consequences are very varied because of chance. The results are always very difficult to understand and explain.

If one of these actions is possible it is always realized instantly, since no material element call time exists that would have an action in the universe.

In case of connection, the electrons remain invidualized. Chemists always find the substances they use.

The study of the bonds of the electrons is especially based on the knowledge of the material of our planet.

The ether of space is opaque and exists everywhere, even in areas of galaxies and any object of space like our planet. Light exists only for and by certain living beings who are created the necessary tools for the use of the rays of space or matter.

The opacity of the ether does not prevent the displacement of these charged rays created during electron bonding. The optical and radio telescopes of astronomers and astrophysicists do not give images of the objects of space, but rays showing the modifications of these objects at certain frequencies that men know how to transform into images according to their ideas.

We know that electrons are related to each other since they are the only fundamental elements and compounds are created. The reactions to the bonds are always similar and instantaneous.

Whenever electrons come into contact with it, under conditions that permit a connection, it is realized instantaneously, and one instant after another in the successive operations of the same element.

Chance, the only way to fix it is not to have any, makes all your actions always happen randomly.

The situations created are very difficult to understand because there are no rules that would guide the research.

Because they are ecological, the electrons are held together, by more or less tight entanglement of their material.

(This would also allow the bonds of electrons in the atoms of the matter of our planet and all the other objects of the universe).

The entanglement of electrons creates a reduction in volume relative to those of separate elements. This leads always and instantly, a risk of emptiness impossible in the erher, with always several phenomena sot the realization and the consequences are always random.

This creates an instant reaction of the entropy to maintain it at the maximum level.

The « force » needed is very small for each electron bond but in the materials of objects, on the Earth and all other objects in space, the bonds can be excessively numerous, at the same time (human) , creating a force of entropy that is sensitive to us.

It’s gravity.

At the same time, the thermal agitation is increased around the new compound which has a larger contact area, than each separate element, for other free electrons or in materials.

This is an increase in the possibility of contacts, in this zone of space or matter, thus a greater agitation of the nearby elements and more possibilities of connection of the electrons. It is a real action that nothing can reduce or prevent on Earth or in the stars. It does not create any real object, does not form a ray and can not be transported from one place to another. It is not related to the compounds created and seems to move according to the bulk of the material and atmosphere environment in which other random links. still increase the thermal agitation ..

It is called thermal because we feel it as heat, for us, living beings on Earth.

At the same time, there is a risk of vacuum in the ether, which is impossible. It is prevented instantaneously by the entropy and the displacement, towards the place of the connection, of the close elements, free electrons and compounds.

These are so-called negative displacements because they move in the opposite direction to the usual rays. Researchers have kept it.

– These elements, electrons and very varied compounds, try to fill the place of the possible vacuum.

-From all around, the « matter » that moves is too important. – Part is returned instantly to the outside.

– It is the beginning of one or more successive rays which always carries the same quantity, a « quantum » of matter.

It encounters all the matter of the negative movements, forming an instant accumulation which seems to move, and the operation starts again, forming rays all around the phenomenon and to the end of the space concerned, with the same quantum of the matter particular to this area of ​​space or matter.

These quanta of matter, different with each ray, are solely the result of electron bonds and create all the matter of all the objects of the universe.

There is nothing else.

A following article will explain these rays of matter.

© Philippe Dardel, March 18, 2018


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