The light…


Light does not exist in the universe. The ethrt is not transparent, so without being able to transmit the light, the colors or the shapes of the objects … What are the paths of light?

Key words: light, lighting, vision, ether, radius, frequency hours, black hole …

We understand that the dentrites of the optic nerve receive information carried by ray of a certain frequency. They are transformed into memories by neurons.

All living beings are sensitive to the rays that reach them, according to their « frequencies », and they use them in very different ways.

But do they also use certain sensations directly. ?

It’s not sure. All to rent to pass through rays of space or matter objects of our Earth for example.

Smell uses the odorous variations of matter carried by rays, but what are the odors tracks in the air around us?

In the dark, are bats guided by sound or no « radar rays »?

Is the sound of an explosion still carried by the air?

We saw directly the objects we touch, but what about the sun at 150 million kilometers thick atmosphere?

And how do we see the stars of the firmament and the fog on the road?

Many other questions arise and explanations are to be found especially for all the theories that use light and images,

20.5.2018, completmentary.

To all the observatns described briefly above, we must add the general problem of frequencies.

In the study of light and all the other radiations, it is always question of frequency and the physicists established a list called electromagnetic spectrum with values ​​and qualities some of which correspond to the senses of the living beings, and all, or almost are sensitive to it. Some are created tools to use them, like our five senses and others we probably do not know.

Frequency is the more or less regular renewal of actions or events. This is a general problem and it has been studied in mathematical science. In general physics, it mainly concerns so-called electromagnetic radiation and the « specte » is the link between values ​​and observations.

But there is no explanation for the phenomenon whose frequencies are observed.

We know that the radiations that give light have the same frequency, whether they come from a candle, a spark or a distant star in space and in the material of our planet. But, for example, we do not know how to create rays for material modifications.

In the general writing of our study, we had the idea that all the bonds of the electrons create rays with all their usual consequences.

This would be confirmed, with many random variations depending on the environment, with one or more or very many electron bonds for a ray, knowing also that very many rays can be created at the same time (human) in the same place.

See other recent articles.

It is thus that very numerous links in the same place create maximum frequency rays for long periods for distant stars in their main sequence, and that the same phenomenon with completely different modalities can create rays for, on our planet, transforming materials or carrying information in the internal space of the nervous system of living beings.

Everything we observe of the system is excessively complicated, whereas the basic operation, the bonding of the electrons, is very simple. This is a general observation for all the physics of the universe.

Many studies remain to be done.

© Philippe Dardel, March 22, 2018


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