The Rays …


In Space and Living Beings.

The rays are all different from each other and they all have the same functioning, everywhere.

Keywords: universe, space,  rays, living being, memory, chromosome, DNA

In the article about electrons ) we tried to describe them as fill and create the whole Universe, with their reactions to everything event.

It is relatively easy to explain because these are the only actions that the electrons perform and they created phenomena always feel the same. They create compounds, gravity, increased thermal agitation and rays of matter and particles.

Because of the chanche, everything becomes very complicated and difficult to explain


The ray itself is very simple. It is always a succession of displacements, instantaneous, on a very short distance, all around the concerned electron, of a fixed quantity, a quantum, of materials or particles, renewed but similar.

In the ether empty of obget, it generally only interests small compounds and a few electrons.

In galaxies and their stars, the rays can be very numerous together for very long periods of time (human) and include many compounds to prevent normal functioning according to our interpretation, making our observations difficult or impossible (black hole ).

On the Earth, the rays are very varied between those which allow the creation of massifs of matters, until very small participants in the functioning of living beings in their smallest details, or similar elements in the mineral matter.

This shows that, in the Universe, all current events, or those which seem to be particular, are made with or by rays of matter or particles.

The operating principles of the rays, as we have just explained them, automatically lead to additional phenomena which are realized according to the usual process; adapted to the environment.

Wherever « pass » rays, individual or in close series, depending on their qualities, electron bonds can occur, creating new compounds or modifying existing ones, with the usual consequences, including the creation of new rays . Thus, on the place of creation of certain rays, new ones can incite the creation of the materials almost similar to the preceding ones and possibly to multiply them again.

Or conversely, so-called cosmic rays can transmit, from a sidereal object to another, substances or particles that can develop in them. They are sometimes said to be exotic because they are different from those known.

An important feature of the rays is that they are all different from each other, which is easily deduced from the operation in the essentially random Umers.

This quality is very important for everything we observe and try to understand on Earth for the creation and functioning of elements. This concerns particles, compounds and materials, from the primordial level of the electrons, to the micro- and nanoscopic level in the mineral matter and that of the living beings, the two being always closely linked.

The « distance » is very large between the attometric level of the electrons and the first organic compounds.

All living beings are made up of often very varied materials, organized for actions that seem very complicated. Everything that happens in an organ affects the whole body.

The cell is the smallest organ of living matter. It reproduces by division, including that of its nucleus with replication of chromosome  DNA.

With the cells and organs they form, matter creates a « unique » organism. thanks to DNA and memories created in neurons. For each event, very numerous, usual or uncommon, electron bonds are realized, with, always, creation of rays adapted to the « internal » environment and the usual actions of the matter, that is to say :

– According to the « power » of the event, the space concerned can be limited by the envelopes of the organs;

– Many chromosome genes can intervene to guide the quality of the rays, materials and actions;

– And, most probably, the memories can intervene, and particularly those of the physical functioning of the organs, or all the memories. They would then be carried by the structures of the DNA or the non-coding genes.

The memories, material elements that we suppose incorporated into the neurons, function as the genes of the chromosomes. They are modified often but never completely eliminated.

We suggest that memories are incorporated into chromosomes to be available in cells. During their diivissions, the memory would be replicated with the chromosomes.

For the reproduction of the individuals, the chromosomes would carry the devices necessary for their creation and their birth.

The neurons of the centralized nervous systems are particularly interested in the phenomena of cognitive, social and spiritual environment and development.

Should we look in DNA for the origin and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases?

The fact that all the rays in the space and in the material of the objects are completely independent of each other, has allowed the scientific technicians to develop all the electronic, computer and many other techniques.

© Philippe Dardel, March 27, 2018


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