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The so-called nuclear energy results from the exploitation of massive easily fissile radioactive material. The difficult observations and the history (atomic bombs) make that, currently in France, the uranium materials are used to produce heat by fusion or rather creation of new radioactive materials, dangerous by-product and heat to use to turn electricity generators. We explain it in chapter 5 of our essay.

The aim of ITER and the current Italian project is to produce heat from « f ission or fusion » of protons as would be done in the sun and other stars, thinking that hydrogen atoms could replace protons. The creation of radioactive materials would be avoided.

This is true but we forget to think that their fusion in the stars is the result of a long process that has brought the star to a very high temperature, very difficult to obtain on Earth and which we do not need.

We do not really know what electricity is. We create electric current according to the processes invented in the nineteenth century and it takes only a little heat to turn a generator.

There is no point in creating large power plants, thermal or photovoltaic, because we do not know how to carry electricity its significant losses.

All current major scientific projects seem to be decided by political bodies without taking into account the serious opinion of scientific researchers and theorists. This is the case today for particle colliders which have never given any valid scientific result, even the LHC whose discovery of the Higgs boson has never been confirmed by CERN.

But there will be no scientific authority that could give an opinion as long as physics is based on misconceptions never studied such as electromagnetism and quantum physics, among many others.

© Philippe Dardel, April 6, 2018


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