Électronisme is the Physics of the Universe With space and all the stars
It is also the Theory of Everything, sought for a very long time
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The whole theory

The Electron is the fundamental particle of the Universe.
All electrons are similar, containing an unknown material which vibrates continuously.
They fill space, creating it, with all of its objects.

Vibrations cause their movements in space and in all the matters objects of this space.
Vibrations cause electrons to move in space affecting all the matters and objects of space.
They thus meet other free electrons or already components of materials.
Contacts can be followed by new movements or links.
This results in the formation or modification of materials and the creation of all objects in space.
The operating rules are simple and immutable
All actions are carried out by electrons, anywhere, any time, in the same way,
always following contact between them.
Thus, no action is possible remotely, in the absence of a contact.

This theory is scientific, according to the criteria of Karl Popper.

This ongoing study is based on the knowledge accumulated by scientists as a result of all their observations and experiments, according to what I have the possibility to know. They all are accepted and I did not invent anything.
Except for a different explanation for the majority of known phenomena.

As currently described in 2016, the theory is complete.
But we do not yet understand all the phenomena that create all that we see in the Universe. Further checks and complementary explanations need to be performed and elaborated by scientists.

Features of Studies with Électronisme
Électronisme theory is based on a single element, the electron which we regard as known and accepted by all scholars with all its features, invariable in all places and circumstances.
To know all phenomena and objects on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe, we know that we need each time, as much as possible, to find the electrons with their immutable rules of operation.
Between matter that we observe and electrons, its basic constituents, there are a very high number of compounds created by chance, different from each other, often difficult to understand.

The entire system of the Universe is essentially random.
All actions are performed at random, without any relation between them. Electrons’ operating rules are immutable and few, but no specific rules apply to the establishment of compounds, materials and all objects in space which in turn are random objects using other objects already created randomly.
Last century, the physicist Edward Lorentz (1917-2008) showed that chaos is predictable but the chance based systems are not at all predictable.

Thus mathematics studies by leading physicists, Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, Dirac, Feynman and others were long and difficult when they were interested in the elements observed, which are the results of random phenomena. Their theories and explanations are difficult to understand and some have to be changed.
The study of the Universe and its physics remained very marked by the difficulties of these studies and the requirement that seems now not necessary to know mathematics to dare to try to understand.

Despite the creation of a new paradigm, the Électronisme will not change much the practical physics of scientists, researchers and technicians, for their studies, current research and technologies are carried out mainly by trial and error processes and actual observations.

The Universe
Energy, light, heat, time and other phenomena, to which we are accustomed, do not exist in the Universe.
From the beginning of their creation, humans have observed the workings of the Universe through the events and objects around them. Mass, light, heat, motion and energy, have always been known and were part of themselves.
They attached great importance to these elements that seemed to regulate their existence:

The Earth and all objects. They called it Mass.
The Sun and fire. It was energy.
Day and night demonstrated light.

Men then created the material, social and intellectual habits that have evolved over time. We still use today, despite the work of all scientists, mass, energy and other items, as they were defined precisely from the beginning of mankind. We apparently manipulate them according to rules that correspond to what we, as living beings, are expecting, because that’s what we have always used to get .
We incorporate in our thoughts elements that seem to naturally exist without feeling the  need to know what they are, such as light and energy. But we do not know what they are, and this prevents us from understanding many other phenomena.

Current state of research for Électronisme, 2016
Recent reasoning leads us to think that the Universe system is much more random than we had imagined from the beginning of our study.
The creation of compounds and material objects is realised by the complete rules by which electrons operate. We must add, in our description of the connections of electrons to create compounds and materials, the circumstances and the time needed for all the vibrating electrons, participating to this creation to realise these contacts and connections.

Time does not exist and the operations that always happen instantly, do so only when the actual contact between electrons allow it. A very long time (on a human scale) of motion and « unsuccessful » contacts can take place until the realisation of all or most of the necessary connections. This time is very variable depending on the importance of random compounds and previous links also randomly established.
This explains all the time necessary for the realisation of materials and objects in space, and the almost eternal existence of the Universe.

Summary following the chapters of the Essay

1 – The Universe existed since a non-start, almost an eternity ago. It is a reality as strong as that of our existence.
Present cosmology is not grounded in science, accepting as it does certain forms or situations whose reality is only a belief.
The Universe is created by the existence of electrons that form the Ether of space and create all objects and materials, visible or not.
Time does not physically exist. It is a tool created by men and for them. And therefore Einstein’s Space-time does not exist either.
It is an active system without conscience, in which everything is directed by chance. Therefore all the objects in space, stars and others in a cycle of « life » of several billion years are created by chance.

2 – Electrons are the only elementary particles. They are known to all physicists. We use their properties and we have added the vibrations that were guessed for a long time and start to be observed.
They are only a vibrating mass constituting the entire mass of the Universe.
Energy, as active force, does not exist, neither participating in particles, nor free in space. Thermic agitation is a consequence of actions. It is felt as heat by living beings.
The equation Einstein E = mc2 is explained differently than usual.

3 – In the Ether of space, electrons vibrate and move continuously. They can meet what causes changes in their movements or their connections to each other. In billions of years they create materials and all objects in space.
We explain thus the creation of compounds, in particular, atoms and molecules of a great variety of forms.
They create at the same time:
– Gravity which remains inside objects at all levels of their structure. It explains the creation of objects in space and galaxies and very extended clusters.
– The gravitic clouds, or atmospheres of objects and new links and objects, within the limits amongst which magnisme acts, instead of magnetic fields that do not exist.
 – Space disturbances that we know only as waves, a phenomenon linked to the capability of our observation materials.
– Electricity, which for the living beings on Earth, is the apparent force:
– Thus is explained the creation, in billions of years, all space objects, grouped into larger structures, nebulae, planets and bright stars that become black holes, quasars, pulsars and many other very different objects to each other, created from the same material.These rules also explain almost eternity of the universe.

4 – Wave disturbances move throughout the space Ether. They then appear as waves that living beings use in different ways, light and vision in particular, which we explain fully, including the ripples on a pond when a stone is thrown on it and a tsunami wave that has similar origin.
Light exists therefore only for living beings who have learned to use it. It allows us to observe, understand and use many phenomena of the Universe.
5 – Air and water are quasi-materials witihn the atmosphere of our planet and probably other objects in our galaxy and elsewhere.
Air corresponds to gravitic clouds with winds of particles that exist around all objects.
Water is created from the mass of fissile materials that are processed at increased temperature of the material on the planet. It created the oceans and now probably continue to create atmospheric rivers and deep water tables inside the Earth.
Nuclear energy seems poorly explained and could be used in trying to directly produce electricity in networks.
Electricity is the possibility, under certain conditions, of  binding of electrons in contact, in all objects of the Universe. It always exists, without features or special provisions in these elements. There is no need for any force or energy for the electrons to bind together.

6 – Life is a phenomenon which we do not yet understand. Living beings are created as all matters in the Universe with the feature « Life » added to them. All living things are surrounded by an envelope that participates in their functioning.
They all have more or less apparent and developed nervous systems, from the colonies of unicellular individuals to the brain in so called superior beings.
This system can be described as a fairly large network of specialised proteins whose permanent successive modifications are stimulated by information transmitted by disturbances of the internal space of the organisms.
The creation and evolution and social life of all individuals is the normal consequence of these functions.
So… « It is conventionally agreed to admit that only human beings have spirit.
But what do we know of other non-human persons, to whom we recognise a certain level of intelligence as we understand it, and those who seem not to need spirit to exist?
Similar reactions of some people to external phenomena depend on acquired reflexes, sometimes imposed by the leaders of the people, for the good of their community or under this pretext. This can include physical and mental behaviour such as military obedience, and exclusive beliefs, usually religious.  »

7 – Électronisme theory must find its place in the knowledge of the reality of the Universe and needs many additional complementary studies to be conducted by physicists.
An overview will follow of the important issues of the dissemination of scientific information and of some theories different from Électronisme.
Mathematics that have been used for three centuries to control Physics research, regardless of the random nature of all observed phenomena and values.
Everything is explicable by the theory of Électronisme.
Some phenomena are described in our Essay. Thousands more need additional experiments or further studies to fully understand their meaning.

November 2016